Dating Newt Scamander would include:

a/n: hello hi i was bored in physics so i wrote this :)

- being a second mum to the beasts

   - “no, you can’t be the mummy to them”

   - “yes, i can, i’m the female one”

   - “but i was here first”

   - “that’s not fair! can’t we both be mums to them?”

   - “i guess that’s fine, yes”

- taking care of the beasts

- carrying him around in the case/him carrying you in the case if it were crucial

- shyness!!! SHYNESS!!!!

- kissing would be very delicate and gentle

- he’d take care of you as if you were one of the beasts

- the beasts loving you

- newt giving you beautiful jewellery from foreign lands

- niffler stealing all of it 

   - newt making him apologise when he found out

- dates on top of rooftops

- he’d look at you like you were the most fascinating thing in the universe

- he’d always think he wasn’t loving you enough

- of course, insecure newt - he thought he could be easily replaced

   - a.k.a you deserved someone better, someone with a more calm life 

   - those thoughts appeared when one of the beasts would accidentally hurt you

   - but you would deny his insecurity because you couldn’t imagine someone better than him, someone who could give you more

   - he was and would be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you

- you two would barely have ‘private time’ together for the beasts were always making a mess

- newt would extremely want you at times, but he just had to wait until you two were out of the case and at a hotel or something

- teasing him while taking care of the beasts

- omg, upset newt!!!

   - arms crossed over his chest

   - ultimate pouting

   - not talking to you

   - with kisses and tickles you’d get him out of that upset trance

- oh my, imagine newt laughing until he’s tearing up and unable to breathe

- i love newt so much, please protect my cinnamon roll at all costs!

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