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I changed my url to krissm. I just wanted to prevent some people to view my Tumblr. I also changed my spazzing account url. :)

My friends and I watched the epic Ang Babae sa Septic Tank at the UP FI last night. I tell you, you’re not gonna ride an elevator and watch TV Patrol, the same way again. HAHAHA! It’ll be shown in theaters nationwide starting on August 3, so you don’t have an excuse not to watch it. I paid only Php 80. I’m gonna say it again, SULIT na SULIT…not to mention I saw Pare and #hssw.

PS. I pretended to be a closet fangirl last night. I didn’t pull it off. 


We were supposed to watch Busong but picked Huling Halik instead. Man, we should’ve watched this! And it’s going to be screened at UP! August 3, 8:00pm!

After watching Gayuma, we saw lots of persons falling in line. Hanggang staircase nga ata yun. There we knew, screening pala ng ZOMBADINGS! Dapat bumili tayo ng ticket non? Haha! And it’s on UP sa August 9, 7:30PM. Ahem, August 9. Does it mark a day on your calendar, Thea? Oh well.. 

Oh, here’s the sched at UPD :)

WAHAHA! I WANNA WATCH! SO SHOULD I? hmm… let’s see then. bahala na! XD

Unfortunately we didn’t get to watch the indie film “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” at the UP Film Center. The organizers said they were asked by the producers to cancel selling of SRO tickets -,-, imagine our frustration. 

anyhow we still found ways to enjoy ourselves that night :p

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guess where?

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tickets for Ligo na Ü lapit na me were also sold out. i believed it was Mercedes Cabral who came, she’s pretty :} my friend just can’t recognized her. We’ve also seen Edgar with beautiful Miss Iza Calzado Ü. John lapus and Mr. Fu were there too :p

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Line for people with reserved tickets -,- We envy them.

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fren vy and kalai meow heheh, hateyousro.

the star and blogger studded setting saved us from sadness. I instinctively knew I was going to see awarewolves there!, but to meet him in person was an awe :} hohoh  

sorry for doggedly taking pictures of you petersen!

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he’s the guy with the bag pack

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Excuse me kuya in red -,-

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awarewolves Ü

kalai loves Helga ♥

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“Ang mga Babae Sa Septic Tank”

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gusto mag “Amok”

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hay, goodbye

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but thanks :)

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found myURL on that taxi! hihih.

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i love you two! ♥

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and then we decided to just pig things out :p

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kalai still in Helga’s spell. heheh

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aal izz well. :)) It wasn’t vain at all.

Thanks UP, Cinemalaya stars, Awarewolves and Helga Ü


just trying to side plank on the bus seats..

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Cinemalaya Films Review Series Part 1

Aparisyon (2012)
Directed by Vincent Sandoval

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With its intriguing plot and a set of wonderful actors, high expectations was set to Aparisyon, a film directed by Vincent Sandoval. The film does not disappoint, as it delivered that specific emotional roller coaster I guess it aimed to convey. The film is brewed with the presence of simple, static shots of barely-moving actors, effectively amplifying the sense of fear and uncertainty the film tried to establish. This effect is complimented by its musical score which creeps inside and adds weight to the audience’s emotional experience.

It has a simple plot thickened by layers of flashbacks and lots of silent, seemingly mundane moments, which, I guess, was a contributing factor to its experiential nature. It was able to induce and sustain specific emotions to its audience. The audience’s emotional adventure is the most important factor in appreciating this film. 

While it succeeded in creating a satisfactorily-constructed plot that was focused on delivering lingering tints of emotions to the viewers, its apparent avoidance to discuss politics was a letdown considering the fact that Martial Law - an era powerfully-charged with political issues that is in itself a rich source of credible narrative material - was chosen as a backdrop for the story. And by that, it means that the Martial Law element becomes irrelevant as it was not given its rightful political background. The criticism on religion and its apparent incapacities to provide truth and justice, while apparently the standout statement for this film, appears to become less substantial.

The Animals (2012)
Directed by Gino Santos

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Youth films are such rarities nowadays, and when the mainstream cinema attempts to make such films, a rather hideous, and even offending child is labored by writers who think they know how to represent the youth culture of today (case in point, Tween Academy: Class of 2012). And it’s such a breath of fresh air to see The Animals by Gino Santos. The film’s foray on the youth culture is reminiscent of a localized Gossip Girl or Skins : bold, offensive and unapologetic. Though there are glaring imperfections to the screenplay with regards to solid characterization and its consistency, it was brave enough to tackle legitimate youth issues which the mainstream media is too afraid to discuss: materialism, alcoholism, drug use, frat-related violence, peer pressure and promiscuity. 

I can help but compare The Animals to a previous film by Jerrold Tarrog, Senior Year. While I believe Tarrog’s film is more of a sentimental, almost-accurate and rather heartwarming reflection of today’s youth culture, The Animals is rather an antithesis of sorts to the former. Though there is a degree of accuracy to its social class-restricted portrayal, it isn’t heartwarming, and it gets scary at times. Yes, scary and freaky. A fact that might be because it's like the bad part of a face. That distorted, pimpled part every youth hates to see while they gaze at the mirror. And the unavoidable fact that, upper-middle class youth life gets as sick and as extreme as this.

What confuses me with this film is its tendency to have a fight between honesty and pretense. At times it looks like an honest commentary on youth culture while alternating with frown-inducing show-off moments, those moments where it looks dashing and fantastic, but feels lacking or empty.

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