Love Will Save Your Soul by GROUPLOVELive @ Spaceland 30.AUG.10

Tested out the iPhone 4’s video capabilities last night. Also rendered some effects using the CinemaFXV app. Pretty good, I think. Even more surprising is the audio quality, which is raw/unaltered. 

Damnedron Attacks!

A short video that I create while Melissa, Hilary, and Arin were enjoying their cake and ice-cream desserts. 

The background and creature is from Arin’s collection. The ground is Hilary’s kitchen counter top!

Video was captured with the iPhone using the StopMotion app and retouched with the CinemaFXV app. Enjoy!


Car line daydream. #hyperlapse #chromic #cinemafxv #shadesofcool #lanadelray #ultraviolence

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pile driver on Flickr.

Pile driver sound from the construction site for the new Whitney Museum. Shot on an iPhone from the High Line overlooking the site. I paid more attention to the sound than the visuals, moving the phone to various positions trying to get different kinds of sound.

Visuals partially edited on the iPhone using iMovie and CinemaFXV apps. Can’t remember which I used first by the transfer between the two (accidentally) turned the boring visuals into dancing vertical lines. Further edited on desktop with FinalCutExpress where I changed those lines into blobbier shapes and added the red.


Experimenting with some new apps.
Put together on #flipagram and graded in #cinemafxv.

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Dog sled (by charityread)

I made a little video from our dog sled ride in Montana. 


The drive home. #hyperlapse #cinemafxv #chromic #tricky #sundown #adrianthaws


Fireside. #slomo #video #8mm #cinemafxv #fire