Césars 2015


Césars 2015, moviiiies, cinemaaaaaaa! *jumps everywhere*

Sincerely, HOW am I supposed to stay calm, mmmm?! (I just can’t) (cinema, holy mother of Oreos!!) 

Best movie, Timbuktu, of Abderramhane Sissako…! I’m SO glad he gets the award, holy fuck, this movie deserves it!! THIS MOVIE IS A MASTERPIECE. Sincerely. (when I think he received NOTHING at Cannes… *tries to punch someone in the nose*) 

Best actor, ohmygodI’msohappyyyyy, Pierre Niney…! Pierre AMAZING AND FULL OF TALENT NINEY…! Youpiiiie…! *starts to jump everywhere again*

(yes, it’s him) (gosh, he REALLY is an amazing actor, trust me)

Still him… (hehehe, I do what I wannnnt)

Tadaaaa, Pierre Niney as Yves Saint Laurent *^* (the movie wasn’t… er… not bad but not really good still… But Pierre Niney, GOSH, full of grace in this movie!)

Haaaa… I’m happy. And I love cinema, too.

Soooo… Sunday……… OSCARS!!!