cinema: bengali

Next time an aunty asks if you can cook, ask them if their son’s an engineer, lawyer or a doctor.

If yes, then run.
—  Or… wait for her to ask a question worth answering.
The standard Bangla sound system

The standard Bangla sound system is considered a set of 45 phonemes:

  • 8 plosives (/p b t d ʈ ɖ k ɡ/) প ব ত দ ট ড ক গ
  • 2 affricates (/cʃ ɟʒ/) চ জ/য
  • 1 flap (/ɽ/) ড়
  • 11 aspirates (/pʰ bʱ t̪ʰ d̪ʱ ʈʰ ɖʱ kʰ ɡʱ cʃʰ ɟʒʱ ɽʱ/) ফ ভ থ ধ ঠ ঢ খ ঘ ছ ঝ ঢ়
  • 3 nasals (/m n ŋ/) ম ন/ণ ঙ/ং
  • 2 fricatives (/ʃ (allophone: s) ɦ/) ষ/শ/স হ
  • 1 roll or trill (/r/) র
  • 1 lateral (/l/) ল
  • 2 approximants (/ĕ ŏ/) য় ওয়
  • 7 oral vowels (/i e æ ɑ ɔ o u/) ই/ঈ এ অ্যা আ অ ও উ/ঊ
  • 7 nasal vowels (/ɪ̃ ẽ æ̃ ɑ̃ ɔ̃ õ ũ/) ইঁ/ঈঁ এঁ অ্যাঁ আঁ অঁ ওঁ উঁ/ঊঁ 

I’ve written a letter for the superintendent. The law that has hanged me, that law also states each prisoner is granted a last wish before his execution. I do not know whether this law still stands, but if it truly exists then this is my last wish. Immediately after my hanging, both of my eyes be taken out. But with some care. Keep in mind that these two eyes of mine are saved.

Chokh, The Eyes (1982)

RIP Om Puri (1950-2017). The last film of his I saw was Utpalendu Chakraborty’s Chokh (1982), in which he once again donned the role of the mazdoor/laborer and told us that workers of the world (or at least one basti) could indeed unite. To think of India’s Parallel Cinema movement without him and at least one great monologue coming to mind would mean you missed out on a lot of great films!