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I don't understand feminists preaching those movies as something we never had before just because of female leads. It is like Alien never existed, and I am citing this only one because it is an actual cinema classic. Looks like if you actually make good movies ( as original as Alien gets since it was based on It, terror from beyond space but it wasn't a REBOOT ) and don't completely appropriate movies that already exist to make it about women, 'sexist men' won't complain. Figures.

I remember hearing somewhere that all you need to do to write good female characters is write a male character, then just change the gender in the end.

While I don’t think that’s entirely true, I think the sentiment is still good: Don’t fall into stereotype/pandering characterization traps and you can write a realistic female character. The problem is that some movies (Ghostbusters 2016) write female characters just to be progressive and end up falling into a reactionary/tokenism trap, where the fact that the character is a woman becomes their main defining characteristic. And even when that character is empowered, it still comes off as stale and cheap because it’s just the other side of the damsel in distress coin. A one dimensional kick-ass female lead is just a different kind of bland from a one dimensional damsel in distress female lead.

Oddly enough, I feel like Fiona from Shrek is another good female character. She subverted the damsel in distress trope but wasn’t just a hard-ass all the time. She genuinely cared about Shrek and Donkey in a way that wasn’t portrayed as being uniquely feminine.

I can’t believe I’m analyzing Shrek as a piece of feminist media.


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Rear Window (1954) dir. Alfred Hitchcock

During the raining scene each of the actors were wearing separate earpieces which lead to a prank by Hitchcock. Because of these separate earpieces  Hitchcock gave each of the actors separate instructions on how to get the mattress inside, therefore creating an authentic argument similar to a husband and wife’s.