Tal vez no tenga una foto contigo, o hayamos salido al cine una vez y mucho menos me tomas de la mano al caminar por la calle, pero tu y yo sabemos que lo de nosotros es mucho más fuerte y bonito que cualquier otra cosa
  • Nora: OK, now THIS time we ARE on a date. A real one. Not a stratagem made for being RUDE.
  • Neptune: Chill, Nora. The others aren't here. You don't need to yell...especially with me right aside
  • Nora: Sorry!
  • Neptune: It's fine, now, how about we go to the arcade?
  • Nora: ...hehe, yeah, about that...I'm KIIINDA forbidden from going back there.
  • Neptune: Well, I would love to hear why, when we find a good place. How about the cinema?
  • Nora: Forbidden
  • Neptune: And the kitty cafe
  • Nora: Sadly, forbidden.
  • Neptune: Let's go to the park
  • Nora: Provisional Forbidness
  • Neptune: ...You are the wildest girl I've ever dated, and as soon as we find a place to have a date, I want to know the story behind all of those places.


The new pictures of Chris Colfer from Cinema Cafe...

They are making me blush.

like I know I always talk about how hot Chris is, but the blushing is usually from his sex appeal or my blatant objectification of him.

Right now I’m blushing like a school girl who just met this really good looking guy and he’s just a guy but he’s just so amazing and I would be twirling my hair and giggling pathetically or something. 

Maybe that is what I like about these pictures so much. He’s Mr. Chris Colfer the person we fangirl over, but he looks more like just someone we might meet at a cafe that we can’t help but have our eyes drawn to.