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What’re you afraid of, Rich?


Behind the scenes, highlighting the intricate wire work that went into Doctor Strange. It’s nice to see how the crazy visual moments were pulled off and how the actors traversed those enviroments!

I just watched Train to Busan and omg it was terrifying and heartbreaking

But more than that, I read that it’s in the works of becoming a Hollywood adaptation and I just…why? Why is it necessary for white people to take something that’s ours and GOOD and ruin it by trying to make it palatable for other white people? Is it that hard to see other ethnicities on screen? Is it that hard to read subtitles? The rest of the world does it all the time with American films, and you don’t see a Korean Iron Man or Batman or whatever the fuck. You don’t see a Korean adaptation of La La Land or Frozen or whatever else ranked top at the box office. We make our own fucking material about our own people. Why do you feel this incessant need to constantly take this from us?

This isn’t the first time white people have taken a Korean/Asian film and literally just tried to make it their own, and what with Ghost in the Shell and the Great Wall movie and Doctor Strange and Death Note and everything else Hollywood has done to shit all over East Asians and Asian Americans, I’m just so fucking tired.

Stop whitewashing us, stop stealing from us, stop destroying our work by trying to make it “palatable.”

Train to Busan is more than just a zombie movie, it’s a movie about Koreans fighting against zombies. It’s a movie with its own commentary about Korean society and the Korean government, and you can’t just replace that to make some generic white people film.

What infuriates me more is that some Korean people see this as a good thing, they think Hollywood is something to seek the approval of, and it pains me to see major Asian actors coming to fill generic stereotypical roles that aren’t worth their talent or star power, all for the sake of reaching white people.

I’m pissed off every time I see the Ghost in the Shell trailer because Scarlett Johansson has a history of being in works that ultimately degrade East Asians and Asian Americans, and she has yet to realize her part in that. In fact, she’s continuing to benefit from Hollywood’s complete degradation of Asians. I’m pissed off that Tilda Swinton reached out to Margaret Cho to speak on the behalf of the entire Asian community, when the character she was supposed to play was Tibetan, and Margaret Cho is Korean - and she had the fucking nerve to defend herself for her privilege and whiteness. I’m pissed off because Matt Damon, a Harvard grad who really should have fucking known better than to accept this role, became some white savior for the Chinese people. These are all things that happened in 2016 and 2017 - THEY ARE ALL HAPPENING NOW. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s isn’t a thing of the past, but a tradition that is still being followed.

I’m pissed off because Hollywood has a history of pushing away Asian people, shunting us to the sidelines and making us props. We are not people, we are objects to be admired and put on display. We are an aesthetic to be seized and appropriated - and I am so fucking tired of this.


Cinema Strange– “Laughing Bloody Murder”