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“I used to share a room with Noel. A bit of a stoner, a bit of a loner. You know, he had a guitar, so he was copping for it, you know what I mean?” - Liam Gallagher

“Always very quiet, Noel. Always in his room with a piece of paper and a pen and he’d be writing. Always strumming the guitar. Many is the time I went up
and I knocked that guitar and said, “Bloody guitar, you get on my bloody nerves!”
- Peggy Gallagher

“Yeah, I mean, once I’d discovered weed and guitars, I got into another world.” - Noel Gallagher

We are going to be deceived...

Do people really think that Rian Johnson would give away an important revelation or plot point in a goddamn interview?

He hasn’t and he won’t.

What he revealed was basic stuff. That our characters will be challenged, that the movie will begin how it ended (we already knew that) and that Rey and Luke will form a bond. No way! You mean two people isolated in an island will form an important bond in a movie? Who would’ve thought? And that in a family saga, family will be important for our main character Rey?…sigh…

And this is just the beginning people. We are going to be deceived and played from the get go. In interviews, in the trailers…Only one person in Star Wars had the guts to spoil things a little and that was Carrie Fisher. And she’s gone now.

Our theories will be theories and rumours will be rumours until we sit in our arses in that cinema seat in December.

Nothing will be 100% certain until then. The people behind Star Wars will make sure of that.

Let’s just have our fun until then and let other people have their fun too okay?


Genre: Smut hardcore porn

Fandom: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 4849

Request: Can I have a Jealous Taehyung scenario?// by @bulletprooftaelephant. I also took advantage and mixed it with one of my own ideas.


So here it is guys, my comaback. I hope I don’t sound too rusty. Also, sorry for taking so loooong into writing this but I still hope you are happy with the result. PS: Jealous V kills me actually any rough BTS member scenario makes me go wild but shh I am Tae biased


“You go first, I will stay in line to get the popcorn.” He says smiling briefly. You were not sure whether to go inside or stay with him but he insisted for you to enter the cinema and find the seats.

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Tomorrow TFP-I'm getting totally fucking pished

Plan for tomorrow…

Wee bit of dinner before going to see Sherlock in the cinema.

By dinner, I mean that I’ll be shovelling cocktails down my throat at lightening speed while my partner actually consumes food.Gonna get drunk enough that I’ll find everything hilarious and ill prob forget what happened.Not shit faced to the point I stand up and rant or hug the cinema seat and violently sob into it.

Agree or disagree, but one day Reigen and Ritsu’ll team up and spy on Teru and Mob’s ritual movie nights at the cinema from the back seats. Teru’s too touchy with Mob to their liking but their Mob who seems to be relaxed is doing nothing at all to stop Teru. So Reigen and Ritsu exchange a look: it’s time for plan B.

SWEET SUN; a mix made for a walk in the sweet summer sun // by marixnne // [LISTEN] 

01. sweet sun - milky chance // 02. float - pacific air // 03. let’s go - matt & kim // 04. this is the life - two door cinema club // 05. back seat - atlas genius // 06. little games - the colourist // 07. ways to go - grouplove // 08. dancing on quicksand - bad suns // 09. my body - young the giant // 10. don’t stop (colour on the walls) - foster the people // 11. wild - royal teeth // 12. that’s where you’re wrong - arctic monkeys // 13. avalanche - walk the moon // 14. off track - the features // 15. over & over - smallpools // 16. miracle mile - cool war kids

12 Fics I read August 2016

Oh, Here We Go by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

“Bloody assigned seating, eh?” The kid rasped, beaming geekily, large front teeth indenting into his bottom lip. Louis felt the corner of his mouth tug into a minuscule smile.
“Well, I’m not sure they exactly expect you to stick to that when it’s this quiet.”
“Oh, no.” The kid shook his head. “I follow the rules, mate.”

Louis just wants to be left alone to enjoy Zac Efron’s new film in peace but his local cinema’s assigned seating system has other ideas.

This Wicked Game by cherrystreet

An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.

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Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

Oh, Here We Go by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee | @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee [E, 3.2k]

Louis just wants to be left alone to enjoy Zac Efron’s new film in peace but his local cinema’s assigned seating system has other ideas. 
Chance encounter: cinema | POV: L

One More Chance by Fluffyplum | @bumblebees91 [M, 117.6k]

Before Elijah could answer, the band started and the sound of an unknown melody flowed through the room, sending everybody silent as they waited. From the up-tempo beat he figured it wouldn’t be a slow song, and when the first words left Harry’s mouth, he found himself gaping. A deep husky voice hit him with a punch and settle into his core, raising goosebumps that vibrated over his skin. […]
Office AU, editor-in-chief (H), journalist (L) | POV: L | switching (briefly)

to kill the mess we’ve made by missandrogyny | @paynner [E, 42.9k]

AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn’t. 
Fashion models, photoshoot, friends w/ benefits | POV: H | bottom!L (swit implied)

Traces In His Hair by the_tro_under_the_concon [M, 4.3k]

Harry may have a slight thing for Louis’ hair. 
Established relationship, affection, hair | POV: H

Royals - Cheryl/Fabius


Fabius chuckled at her enthusiasm, but in a good way, of course, he liked it about her ‘’ well, then I shall buy you a popcorn and junior Mints, my love. ‘’ he promised her as he followed her to the cinema and he did as he promised so after buying the tickets he bought her what she wanted.

Cheryl settled into the comfortable cinema seats next to Fabius, her popcorn and candy in hand, a huge smile on her face.  “Thank you so much for taking me to the movies.  I owe you big time.”  As the lights went down and the film began, she leaned in and gave Fabius a long, slow kiss on the lips.


The Luxurious Sonora Resort In British Columbia 

Occupying its own island, Sonora Resort has multiple swimming pools, a full-size indoor tennis court, hiking and biking trails, a basketball court, a putting green and golf simulator, a 12-seat cinema with a 350-title library, a conservatory, a games room with everything from shuffleboard to an Xbox 360, a lavish spa using a posh European beauty line, and a Relais & Châteaux–caliber restaurant whose tasting and a la carte menus change nightly.

ok here is the thing I noticed after watching Carol: first of all, the cinema was full, every seat was taken. and there were a lot of young but also a bunch of old people. but: after the last shot was seen, the one were Carol and Therese just looked at each other and you knew everything was going to be ok, the whole cinema was silent. no one spoke a word and it felt like everyone was holding they breath.
It was absolutely beautiful and I can’t stop smiling.

It is a testament to both the film and the actor that Christian Grey feels like a character at all considering that in the books he’s barely a cipher. I didn’t fall off my cinema seat laughing when Jamie/Christian snarls: “I don’t make love, Miss Steele – I fuck. Hard.” Which surely says something, although I did have to cover my eyes during the sex scenes. “So did my sisters,” he says. “But Dad was well into it …
—  Jamie Dornan about his family reaction to the movie