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Film - The Alligator People.

Release Date - July 1959.

Directed by Roy Del Ruth.

Film Co. Associated Producers Inc.

The director never made another film after this one. However before its release, the strange promise of a psychological horror within a cheesy man in a rubber suit sci-fi film still seemed to intrigue enough viewers to go and actually see the film. Made at the beginning of monster movie genre boom, The Alligator people makes its muddy mark in the cinema collection of horror and rubber.

Plot - Joyce, the new bride to a wonderful young man named Paul, finds herself searching for him after a train ride. For a strange and unapparent reason, Paul leaves in a hurried dash to make a phone call once the train stops and then suddenly disappears. With no where to go, she is caught up while waiting by a strange package for its owner and by sheer luck or doomed unluckiness, she is picked up by Mannon, a handy man to a local plantation whose horrific encounters with alligators has left him with a missing hand and a furious hatred for the reptiles. The plantation is less then welcoming due to its overly certain owner over the whereabouts and relation to Joyce’s husband causes Joyce to be forced to agree to stay the night in forced agreement to have her room locked from the outside. As the night passes and a day slips by, Joyce slips out of her room upon hearing the haunting sounds of a piano playing only to find a being that she could never suspect…

Personal Rating - (In process of acquiring the DVD) = With the promise of a strange psychological twist amongst the film and its cheesy rubber suit are far more then I can restrain from. I feel a deep desire to watch this film and will stop at nothing to get it. The feeling it get from seeing pictures and trailers of this film reminds me of staying up late on Friday night with cold pizza and wide red eyes glued to a tv screen. If drive through still existed in the mass they once did, you could expect me their any day.