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For me, it’s easier to go to the sublime when you go to the past, when you go outside experiences,” Eggers says. “This is like, super precious and disgusting and makes me want to throw up, but when you look at primitive religion, people putting on the masks and becoming the gods of the past and having that weight … I want to channel that weight from the past. For me, that’s cool. I’m not Christian, but when you go into a cathedral, you’re all of the sudden in a mythic time there. You’re not in today.
I was your first real love,
I pulled your arms around me and taught you how to hug,
You made me your own and learnt how to kiss,
I taught you how to fall madly,
and you taught me how to fall fearlessly, you taught me how to love, you taught me how to love.
And even though it seems obvious you won’t,
I’ll remind you not to forget me.
Don’t erase my name from your memory,
My kiss from your lips,
My fingers from your stubble,
My hand from your hand,
My whispers from your ear.
And a part of me will always hide inside of you,
Because that summer I spent with you
Played magic in front of my eyes
And even though this is good bye,
Remember me, remember us,
Remember how madness was our escape,
Because I know you’ve still got a little love for me,
Maybe you’ll always have a little love for me.