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The Nordics at the Cinema
  • Denmark: Hes always manages to get the best seet in the middle and high up. The problem with that, is that he has to squeeze past ever unfortunate person on his row. To top it off he has his arms stuffed with snacks (which he paid for at the cinema) and those who goes with him can then enjoy two hours of munching, coments and lots of tears.
  • Norway: Norway brings two things. A bottle of water and a bag of salted fish (its a candy). He likes sitting further at the front where there's less risk of sitting next to someone. He gets very emotionally involved to the point where he was kicked out of the cinema when Dobby died.
  • Sweden: Poor Sweden always tries to get a spot at the far back, very well aware of his height. Should that fail he feels so guilty that he sits crouched down to not block someones view. Movie wise he enjoys a lot of the movies and is probably the one most invested when watching a movie with Sealand. Surprisingly he says a lot of funny things about the movies.
  • Finland: It would be unfair to call him cheap, but he definately sneaks in an entire bag of candy, chips and sodas. Expect him to comment on every trailer before the movie and he is no doubt the one with at least three theaories. In general Finland tries to be polite in the theatre. He prefers sitting far out so he can spread out without having to pass a bunch of people.
  • Iceland: Iceland is the moviecritic in the family. He judges everything but when he loves something he is all fire and would defend it to his death. He already knows all facts about the actors, the making of the movie. He is short however. On one hand he wants to sit at the far back but he is also short so when he does sit at the back there's a a risk of not seeing anything.

‘Copenhagen’, Mark Raso (2014)

I went there once with my mother. She was sad because her boyfriend left. And I was sad because I had a fight with my best friend. So she brought me to the end of the beach, and then she pointed to the right where the Baltic Sea is. (…) So the current travels west, and she pointed to the left. Also a very beautiful blue sea, but the current travels east. And then she pointed to the middle,and she said that… that is the perfect relationship. You can look to the left, and you can look to the right, and both seas are there, and they can meet in the middle, but they never lose themselves in each other. They’re always themselves no matter what.

hetare-hetalia  asked:

I came up with a Zootalia/Hetatropolis AU, and I've always wondered what animals the Nordics would be.

Norway: Lynx

Denmark: Dog

Iceland: Mink

Finland: Fox

Sweden: Moose

Maybe something like this?

The New Zealand director, producer and screenwriter Jane Campion, winner of the Palme d’or for The Piano, will be the President of the Jury of the 67th Festival de Cannes. Cannes has always sought to adopt a universal and international approach, and in tune with this tradition, Campion will be surrounded by eight luminaries of world cinema, from China, Korea, Denmark, Iran, the United States, France and Mexico.

As in 2009 the Jury will therefore include five women and four men. Their task will be to decide between the 18 films in Competition in order to select the winners – to be announced on stage at the ceremony on Saturday 24th May. The winner of the Palme d’or will be screened during the Festival’s closing evening on Sunday 25th of May, in the presence of the Jury and the entire team of the winning film.


  • Jane CAMPIONPresident (Director, Screenwriter, Producer – New Zealand) 
  • Carole BOUQUET (Actress – France)
  • Sofia COPPOLA (Director, Screenwriter, Producer – United States)
  • Leila HATAMI (Actress – Iran)
  • JEON Do-yeon (Actress – South Korea)
  • Willem DAFOE (Actor – United States)
  • Gael GARCIA BERNAL (Actor, Director, Producer – Mexico)
  • JIA Zhangke (Director, Screenwriter, Producer – China) 
  • Nicolas Winding REFN (Director, Screenwriter, Producer – Denmark)

I am so upset it’s not in cinemas here in Denmark before April next year but that won’t stop me