cinema challenge


30 days movie challenge ↠ [17/30] the best movie i saw during the last year
            ⤷ now you see me 2 (2016) dir. john m. chu

A magician’s greatest power lies forever shrouded in his empty fist. And the very idea that he can convince the world that he is, in fact, carrying with him a secret.

День 14

Напиши список любимых фильмов, которые ты никогда не устанешь смотреть:

1. Интерстеллар
2. Властелин колец
3. Гарри Поттер
4. Достучаться до небес
5. Разрисованная вуаль
6. Побег из Шоушенка
7. Ходячий замок
8. Атлантида
9. Город в котором меня нет


Heroes of the East (1978, Chia-Liang Liu)

Scott Pilgrim Vs, the World (2010, Edgar Wright)

Love is hard. Especially when it involves a series of increasingly challenging duels. That’s precisely what the protagonists of these films find. Scott Pilgrim finds himself needed to fight the evil ex-boyfriends of his current girlfriend. Ho Tao (played by the always impressive Gordon Liu) accidentally insults the family of his wife and must prove his kung-fu skills.