I just watched this awesome movie and it makes me feel so much mixed emotions. Firstly I feel inspired with Flint’s passion to make a change to the world. I mean I have that kind of dream too, and watching him being laughed by other people, almost invisible and failed so many times makes me feel there’s hope for me. I feel like I can do it too. Plus how the Father portrays love to him makes me feel like crying but I just tried to so hard not to. There was a scene where Flint gets mad to his Father because he feels like he can please everybody else except his Father who feels like a disaster will come out of his latest invention. Although in the end, when everything was fine, his Father told Flint how much he’s proud of being a Father for such an extraordinary person. I just wished my parents will be proud of me too for being extraordinary, I just have one problem though, I have to be extraordinary. The love story between Sam and Flint is just so sweet with such comedy that will let you remember your first kiss that sometimes results to a disaster. Oh the memories… 

Anyway guys, try to watch the movie if you haven’t watched it yet. It’s just a must watch! The movie is actually based on a book written by Judi Barrett and drawn by Ron Barrett, it’s a shame that I just discovered this now. I should have saw it a long time ago. I’m just crazy about the story with all the humor, love, and wit in it. 


Have received another package! I’m really loving snail mail now. Thank you Cee for my birthday gift, it’s not too late though. It would never be. The wait is so worth it. And again, it really made my day. I knew this snail mail hobby will have a long way to go. Will write back by tomorrow. Will have to do something creative in return. >_< 

I have been snail mailing for two months now and I have realized that although the communication is very slow, I believe that there’s this connection already between two people who are so far away from each other. And this is the old fashioned way, so there’s the thrill and all that. :)

I love this day!

Let me talk about our Vacation. (This is going to be a long post)

I should say BLAST!

Actually before we start the trip, Mac and I have some small fights over and over again and it’s kinda exhausting, so I told myself this trip will either break us or make us. 

1st day: waking up early, taking the bus to the airport since train was not yet available, upon arrival at the airport we found out that our ticket does not include luggage so we have to pay additional amount. Everything went smoothly after that. We ate breakfast inside the airport, as usual like our trip to Cebu, we ate ramen!

On the plane, I was just asleep cause I only have short hours of sleep due to rush packing the night before. Upon arrival in Manila, we ate at Manhattan meat lovers at yellow cab. 

And then on the plane from Manila to Iloilo I fell asleep once again. When I woke up, we were arguing again due to some reason that I can’t remember. When we went out, we meet his Aunt who is really a warm person, although she keeps on entertaining us by telling us lots and lots of stories, just imagine 2- 3 hrs drive to Capiz with all her stories. I just felt like I’m on the right place. But that is just the start. We passed by Gaizano Mall and we ate at Mang Inasal, see? It’s a constant food trip! Haha! 

We arrived at their house (which is located in the fields) around 6 pm. It’s kinda scary for me though, since I am used to the city life, lights are not that bright, it’s kinda dimmed, it’s also so quiet compared to what my life in the city used to be. I keep on telling myself to relax, that nothing wrong will happen, that I’m safe here. What actually scares me is that according to rumors, Capiz is a province where Aswang (monsters) live. I knew I’m old enough for that folklore but I can’t help it! I can hear every little sound, it’s just ugh, weird. We went to bed at 8:30 pm but I fell asleep at 12 am. Then just when I thought I would wake up in the morning, damn it, it was still 2 pm when I woke up. It was like WTH for me, I don’t know how I managed to go to sleep again but when I did, I woke up at 4 something am. Then I cried again, and begged to Mac to watch me sleep which he agreed, lucky me. The next thing I knew it’s morning, thank God. 

I suggested that we better stay in a hotel in the city nearby but he told me that it will just make things worse, first it will be embarrassing to his Aunt and secondly we will take the bus to Boracay the next day and staying in a hotel in the city will just delay us. 

2nd day: We meet his sister, Liezl at the Gaizano Mall in Roxas City and then we went to the bay where there are a lot of restaurant serving sea foods and you will have to eat beside the beach which was very refreshing. Best thing is we ate in our bare hands that made our food taste better.

We walked along the bay afterwards where we have some picture taking. Upon going home, we passed by a big statue like the one in Brazil. The view is just breathtaking. A lot of greens made me feel better after that sleepless night.

We also passed by Gugma (love in bisaya) beach since it’s just 20 minutes away from their house. It seemed like it’s going to rain so we just spent less than 20 minutes, we just took pictures and savor the beach, I don’t think that beach is ideal for swimming for me though. We also found this! A small crab.

That night there was a black out, so we have to fan ourselves, Mac offered to fan me just for me to sleep. In thirty minutes electricity resumed and we managed to sleep, finally. This time I just woke up one time, and then I didn’t cry anymore! Oh yeah! Way to go Cindy!

To be continued…

Watch out for part 2 for our Boracay stay! :D

This is the reason why I keep on procrastinating.

It all started last Sunday when I found a game in my psp, of course Mac downloaded it a long time ago but I just noticed it that day. It’s called Downstream Panic. If I calculated it right, I must have spent 5 hours of playing since that faithful day. This is also the reason of my sleepless nights, and couple of hours ago, I finally learned to let go for a while. I told myself I need to read or check the internet. 

The thing is, I was really not fond of playing games, but because Mac brought me a second hand psp and insisted me to play with him, I have somehow developed my own fondness to it. And see, now I’m so addicted. 

The things I do for love!

Some people doesn’t need to have amnesia to forget all the love that they had. Sometimes, people just do forget because they chose to. Maybe they got tired of the same old routine, thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

There’s the person who fall out of love and the person who love you all these years. The person who stayed and the person who left.

When jealousy strikes...

Something funny just happened. 

Okay here’s the story…

I was like so happy this afternoon cause I just feel so in love. I don’t know must be hormones or something. Anyway I was all that when someone’s calling Mac’s mobile and it’s a private number! I answered it cause Mac seemed so busy and the private number freaks him out as well. Having the opportunity, I answered, “Hello?" 

The woman’s voice replied "Hello” as well. 

Me: Who’s this? 

Other line: Who’s this?

Me: This is Cindy-

Then the line went dead. 

I feel so disappointed, I kinda saw this in movies! The other woman calling the man’s phone, then the wife answering it. I mean Valentines day is coming, I don’t want our relationship be destroyed by any other woman. Our relationship is not perfect but I don’t know how I’m going to handle it when someone comes between the two of us. I may go crazy. 

Then I asked Mac who that is, and he said he doesn’t know and swears he knows nothing at all. I wanted to believe him for our love’s sake, I kinda think what wrong have I done in this relationship for him to cheat and lie to me. Finally before he went to work he assured me that he really doesn’t know who the hell it is and promised me that he’s honest and loves me so much. We even exchange phones.

Then after some time, I went to play dance central in xbox when the phone rang again. This time it has a number! I answered it, it’s the woman’s voice once again. Same conversation we had earlier but this time I said “This is Mac’s wife.”

I heard a relief in the other line and she explained that she’s the girlfriend of Mac’s co worker. The reason why she call the number because she’s wondering who owns the unsaved number in his boyfriend’s phone. 

In the end, we both laugh it off. I guess we’re both paranoid. At least we somehow prove that no one’s cheating so far. 



I have decided to compile some of the quotations/ sayings/ essays/ diaries from my blog and then I put them here. And since next month is my birthday month, I decided to give away five of these. Well of course if you’re the kind of girl who likes cute stuffs and likes to read, please send your tumblr link to my email address: with your full name, address and a reason why you should have this. This is hand made by me, and it’s a very limited edition. You don’t have to be a follower. Deadline will be October 1. 

Cindy in Cooking I grew up with my Mom or my yaya doing the cooking in the house so j never really bothered practicing on how to cook. I never thought that one day i would have to learn not only for myself but also to cook for my love ones, as of now to my husband. My husband loves to eat so it will be a big shame if i can only serve him Chinese take outs. I began to practice not so long ago, probably three years ago. I had a lot of disasters but as they say practice makes perfect, there may be lots of not-so-yummy-can’t-swallow stuffs, there are also lots of magical moments of tasting the food, letting it melt in my mouth, that keeps me going. I would say I’m proud of myself.

There’s a coming music festival here in Hong Kong and tickets are free!!! You just have to register online and poof, in just a couple of minutes, you’re printing your ticket which you have to bring at the event. Big thanks for my friend Jessie for the information. Have brought Mac tickets as well, so I hope this will be a date for both of us. It will be on 10/ 11 Dec from 12- 10 pm. 

You may visit their site here:

Because I practice going green, I decided to make a digital copy of my first ever e zine or newsletter or whatever you wanna call it. Basically this 8 pages e booklet consists mostly of my experiences, sentiments and my plans for the future. 

Download the ezine here:

Will appreciate your feedback guys! If I got any feedback, I will be able to improve this zine making thing. I’m hoping I can do this next month too despite of my busy schedules. 

Anyway will sleep now, good night guys! :)