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Since this is my youtuber blog and I’m a big fan of the Let’s Play community, I’d like to talk a little bit about a game called Kindergarten. 

I first watched Jacksepticeye’s playthrough and then moved on to Cinnamontoastken’s videos since it piqued my interest. But more and more, I noticed that something definitely bugged me when it came to one of the female characters. Specifically the little girl Cindy who is a boy-crazy, vain and abusive mess. She’s supposed to be annoying much like all the other characters. You’re not supposed to like any of them all that much so you don’t feel bad about killing them (although Lily seems to be one exception.) At first when I saw the player character play house with Cindy, imitating the perfect image of a dysfunctional marriage, I thought the message they were sending was that women can be the abusive ones in relationships too. And I wholeheartedly agreed with that. But as I kept watching, I started to see her in a different light. It was around the time she made the blatantly false rape accusation against the player that I realized Cindy was just a sexist archetype. 

Implementing the subject of rape into comedy is tricky and has been done horribly countless times before by making the victims the butt of the joke. The abundance of jokes about men getting raped in prison shows how these jokes contribute to the mindset that some people, in this case criminals, deserve to be raped. They frame rape as an acceptable punishment under certain circumstances. The joke in Kindergarten was not a typical rape joke by any means but it was still victim-blaming. There’s already this incredibly harmful notion that women routinely lie about rape for attention or revenge. There’s already way too much sympathy for accused rapists than for the women saying they were raped, and that’s absolute bullshit. I’m not saying a woman has never lied about being raped, but the problem comes when society shifts the blame onto women for speaking out against their abusers. 

In short, Kindergarten just parroted some very common misogynistic beliefs, and it doesn’t stop there. When you play house with Cindy, she bosses you around and tells you to make dinner, a job traditionally held by the wife. She deviates from her assigned role and wants to make you do the demoralizing, feminine work instead. She cries about how she’s been so busy doing the housework that she can’t make dinner. You, the player, are supposed to find this ridiculous since housewives don’t do ‘real work’ and obviously she’s just being lazy. She goes on to pester you about your supposed alcohol problem and claims you have traumatized her and given her PTSD. (Never mind the fact that most domestic violence is committed under the influence.) Perhaps even worse than all that combined, the easiest way to get through this section is to repeatedly say “Yes, dear” to all her commands and complaints. One of those times you have to give her money when she demands it. ‘But that’s my money’, you might think, ‘What right does she have to take it?’ But isn’t that what wives do? They take all your hard earned cash and spend it all on pointless crap like purses or shoes. Please note I’m being sarcastic. 

It all reminds me of the stupid way sexist men joke about their wives being “the ball and chain” or how some say marriage marks the end of a man’s freedom. I want to support this game because I appreciate the shock humor and unique concept, but crap like this seriously makes me reconsider.

Creepy Loud House stories written by yours truly:

Once, after divorcing Lynn Sr., and having an abortion (Lily) when Lynn Sr. left her pregnant, Rita decided to do a slumber party with the Loud kids. When the kids went to sleep, Rita decided to tape all windows and doors shut, turn on the oven, open the oven, pour gasoline in the hallway, and lit it on fire. She was suffocating the kids. The next morning, all of them died except the older kids, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn. Then Rita got mad and brutally murdered the survivors. She was sentenced to death with lethal injection.
Once, Leni came home wearing leather pants. Then Lynn SR. pinned her to the sofa and put his knee on her chest, and Rita put a plastic bag on her mouth, suffocating Leni, and 10 minutes later, she died. Then they dumped her body in the lake and told the other Louds not to speak of it or they get the same fate. 10 years later Lori told the court what happened. Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud are currently serving a life sentence in prison.
Prior to that, the parents didnt want Luna hanging out with anyone so they sent her to Canada for a forced marriage. Luna couldn’t take it anymore, so she drank bleach and died.
Once Lincoln’s strict Pop Pop forbid him to see Ronnie Anne. So Lincoln got a knife and stabbed Pop Pop, killing him, while saying “I HATE YOU” 43 times, and Lincoln and Ronnie tried to cremate him with nail polish remover, and then buried him. Then they went inside and ruined the whole house.
Rita did not want Lori to see Bobby anymore so she snuck him into the house, while Rita was sleeping and or tired from alcohol. Then Lori got mad and grabbed glass and killed her mom with it. Then she got accepted into university.
Rita hates her kids and has depression! One day she takes the kids one by one to the bathtub to drown them. Each kid fought for their lives, and then they died. Rita is now in a life sentence in prison.
Rita made up stories of her being carjacked, but she actually murdered her kids by leaving the van driving with the kids strapped in. They were found 9 days later dead. Rita is in 30 years in Prison.
After Bobbi got killed by Lynn Sr, Lori hired two heavies to kill the family. They killed Lynn Sr., Rita (and slit her throat), and for her siblings, she shot them and stabbed them 92 times each, and each stab she said I HATE YOU!
When Luan was a child, her dad wanted to do the birds and bees with her. But then a few years later she was paralyzed, and took a year for her to recover. Then she moved into Bobbi’s family, and his parents did something unexplainable to her. She has had enough! So she crumpled a paper by the Christmas tree and set it on fire. The house quickly set on fire, and she was the only one who escaped. The entire Santiago family died. Luan was sent to life in prison, and will never be released.
Lynn was a very successful girl, until 2000, where she lost her business and her insanity started to get to her (Her ex-boyfriend, Lincoln didn’t show up at a bar, even though she would dance there for him for his birthday) and she had to live with her parents. In 2001, she has had enough, so she suffocated her parents, and was sent to a mental hospital until 2006.
There has been a serial killer lately, and one of the people who knows about this is Luan. At night she goes to a wrestling club, and her fans don’t know that her mom sold her just for a couple beers. This was so bad that Luan WAS the serial killer, she was invited into other old lady homes and would kill them (she did this since 1999). Then one day she was caught and sent to jail in 2006 for 759 years.
Once Lori and Bobbi drove to the secluded area under a bridge. Lori ripped her dress and dumped her contents of her purse on the hood of a car. Bobbi tries to kill Lori with a zip tie. Clyde brought a bungee cord for Bobbi to use. Bobbi tried choking Lori, but Clyde did the rest and killed Lori. Then they abandoned her. Bobbi and Clyde were arrested. Bobbi got 8 years in prison, while Clyde got prison for 41 years.

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Ok, here’s the actual part to the above gif: my animation (Sequence 12, Float) is currently being projected onto the outside of Sydney Opera House.  

Above is a snippet, but you guys should totally check out the whole video on vimeo + youtube which has all kinds of cool + awesome cell animation by animators from around the world! My contribution is at 5:13-5:43. But better yet, you should go to Sydney and check it out! It plays every night 6pm to midnight from now till June 8th.

A big big bigggg thank you to the amazing Universal Everything for inviting me to be a part of this project.  <3

Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights

anonymous asked:

OK so Louis bought this house.. how are we sure Harry lives there, too?

Well, you see, most of us are using our brains to come to that conclusion. Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship and have been for six years. Harry and Louis own multiple homes together. Harry has been spotted in Malibu many times. That house was previously owned by someone who is close friends with Harry’s close friends, Rande and Cindy. That house is expensive for Louis to have purchased by himself considering it’s not even his only home, as the house is $10 million and Louis is worth roughly $47 million. I’m not here to convince you that they live together, but……it’s quite clear to me tbh. Add 2 and 2 together and hopefully you’ll get 4 just like the rest of us.