the above photos are from our old apartment in nob hill. we loved that apartment. still do. it was the quintessential san francisco apartment. many memories were made. we raised 3 cats, one teenager and had a baby. we put up a photo wall, then moved the photos to the opposite wall since the old radiator would make the wall hot and the photos kept falling down. my good friend karen, who is tall, assisted me with the upper portion of the wall. haha, she is awesome and that was fun. there were many cups of coffee in front of the most incredible kitchen window. we photographed that window a gazillion times and when friends came over, they did too. there were epic parties with epic photos, but I can’t post those photos here. the one thing I wished I did more often was take more photos of the apartment. no regrets though. live and learn and remember.

all photos taken with various cameras:

contax 645

nikon f100

hasselblad 500cm