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Victor and Amadeus were hard at work on something in the labs, Amadeus working at top speeds while Victor stood around handed him stuff.

Cindy walked back into the lab drying her hair and adjusting her sweater. “What’re you guys doing now?” she asked and tossed the towel over her gym bag. “I thought we were done with training for today?”


♥ ❤ You’re my only shawty (am I your only shawty?)
You’re my only shawty, yee yee yee (am I your only shawty?)
I’m tellin’ you the truth (oh-oh)
Girl, it’s only you (oh-oh)
You’re my only, you’re my only (am I your only shawty?)
You’re my only, you’re my only shawty ♥ ❤


I can’t believe I worked so hard on such a cheesy concept. 

It all started w/ me wanting to draw one sided shinizu (shinkai->izumida cuz the other way around is too obvious lol) but then sketching it down… iT WAS IMPOSSIBLE LOL cuz In my mind, Izumida is completely in love with Shinkai so… here we are! 2 for 1 deal + an extra helping of shoujo cuz it’s in my roots lol 

I honestly still can’t believe I used to like drawing comics when I was 15/16 this takes so much time and energy out of my old soul =w=; 


More Iwaoi Trans GFs in cute outfits~

They are in their early 20s when I draw them so that’s why Oikawa has ridiculously long hair hehe

To me, Iwa-chan’s style is simple, comfortable, cool and kinda silly while Oikawa is very frilly but also has days where the outfits are kept simple but still stylish.

I feel like the subtle, not so obvious friendship Annie and Mina had is underrated VoV

anywho modern AU headcanon time: 

Annie has been childhood friends with Reiner and Bert since who knows when. She can barely stand them but she can’t bear to be away from them either. 

Mina and Annie started a slow budding friendship. Mina had a good sense to know how to approach Annie; like she wasn’t all, “HEY LET’S BE FRIENDS FSAFSAFB ;DDD”
No, it was a slow process of building trust and fondness for each other. 5 years later to this day, they are very close friends who do what close friends do: share clothes, “forget” to return video games/books, and enjoy each others company while doing their own thing (Annie kick-boxing while Mina does yoga, etc)