Sebastian Stan checking out himself behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)

He’s pretty much looking like we do when watching him, or what, @peonies-and-poppies? *polishes halo*


I’ve updated my commission post so I can actually make some money without making less than minimum wage haha
Contact me using the ask system, the messaging system, or my gmail: yellowpawky and I only accept payment through paypal
I can draw for different anime, manga, cartoon, comic book series, or personal OCs (please provide good references for these)
If the character has complex armor, then the price will have to be doubled.
I can draw nsfw to a certain degree. (I straight up can’t draw genitals)
However, I will not draw noncon, mecha, furries, and I am not comfortable with drawing live action characters in romantic or sensual situations.

I started reading Marvel’s Silk comics this week and all I can say is: I love Cindy Moon!
Another thing is I recently downloaded the MediBang Paint app on my tablet (I really like it and it’s easy to use) The bad thing is that I don’t own a stylus, so I made this with my fingers, and even though It was fun it only made drawing and painting a little harder.


This was for a OPM live action actors au that leans more on the “genosonic” side where Genos’ actor always makes sexual innuendos and flirts w Sonic’s actor and no one not even Sonic’s actor knows if it’s legit or not lmao

And it was discovered soon enough that Fubuki’s actor would get a lot of shitty gross sexist interviews so a pact was made w all the dudes to make the interviewers as uncomfortable as legally possible lol

take that gross interviewers lol… ive had these sketches on my computer for MONTHS but i finally decided to sloppily finish them today nfjdkfn