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Headcanon Time

According to her birth certificate, Cindy’s full name is Cinderella Aurum. When picking out her first name, both Cid and his wife were looking at the names of fairy tale princesses for ideas. In the end, they agreed on the name “Cinderella,” because they knew that princesses could be found in the most unlikely of places– even in a garage.

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Final fantasy xv week, Day 4: Favorite pairs

  • Lunafreya & Noctis: a complex relationship that certainly didn’t start as love but ended as so.
  • Cindy & Prompto: the most adorable, and I totally wish that Prom got Cindy once the sun rose after 10 years of darkness.
  • Iris & Noctis: it’s more like a fangirl and her celebrity crush which is cute and I personally relate to it.. but I wasn’t really a celebrity I was just a potato but meh
  • Aulea & Regis (the Royal couple): it’s a classic love story, two childhood friends who fall in love and get married and have an adorable baby who turns out to be the unfortunate chosen to be sacrificed in order to fix the mistake of Bahamut-the-usless and save EOS from an eternal night… CLASSIC!

There are some other ships spinning around my head begging to be mentioned but I didn’t have the time……….. 

ok I think I have a little bit of time:

  • Ravus & Aranea: not THAT much, but it’s a good ship nevertheless.
  • Drautos & Lunafreya: seriously, was I the only one who saw that Drautos was TOTALLY in love with Lunafreya????JUSTME????
  • Ignis & Gladiolus: I’m sorry, I know Iggy is mine and I can’t have him shipped with anyone but me, BUT I JUST CAN’T UNSEE THE SIGNS!! it’s everywhere!! NO REALLY!!.

Bonus featuring the Royal couple:

He ran away.

It took them a VERY.LONG.TIME to have their first kiss.

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I ship promptis, but I also like the idea of Prompto x Cindy. So like a month ago I rebloged a cute prompto x Cindy fanart and someone reblog it from me and left a rude comment on it. I would like to reblog more fanart, but I don't want to unintentionally lead these people to harass the artist :/

I like Promptis just as much as the good majority of the fandom, too~ They’re a great combination, and not to mention the best friends to lovers trope with them is just to die for. But since you mentioned Prompto x Cindy, dear anon…! *drums fingers on table* Let me tell you about Prompto x Cindy (with no hate attached!).

These two are beyond cute. Wanna know why? Because literally the moment Prompto laid eyes on the belle of Hammerhead, he was so smitten with attraction! Probably the whole ‘Holy tits, she’s hot!’ But it honestly just got progressively cuter and cuter with each passing quote in regards to Cindy. ‘Isn’t she the best?’ ‘I can’t wait to see her when this is all over!’ Love struck things you literally would her a boy-crazed middle schooler say in almost exact quotes. It’s super cute, despite it being one-sided supposedly, considering how really into her work Cindy is.

But let me tell you, dear anon. Have you ever considered the ‘I didn’t think much of you at first, but now I really enjoy your company and always miss you’ trope? I mean! You literally go on a side quest so that Prompto can go to the top of the hill across Hammerhead, confess his love, and hopefully steal a picture of her as she’s working. From across an entire goddamn hill. This boy is so smitten by her that he nearly had to resort to stalking. Noctis facepalmed, probably Ignis and Gladio would facepalm, and Prompto would be the smitten little dork that he always would be.

But what do you know? She appears, and after learning a bit about Prompto taking photography and going on avid photo hikes, she tells him to drop by sometime and show her his photos. Prompto’s so socially awkward and nervous that he can’t even process words properly, and he’s just a precious babe…! And Cindy probably does have a bit of an interest in Prompto. Yeah, she’s always bugging Noctis for things, but do you know what makes me like the idea of Prompto and Cindy? You know, besides Prompto literally being so smitten by the fact that she’s the ‘Grease-Monkey Goddess?’

It’s the fact that ten years later when the darkness fell, Prompto and Cindy still see each other. Gladio’s said to run off while also having a fiance waiting for him, Ignis tends to do solo missions while recovering his eyesight, and Prompto is said to remain at Hammerhead usually helping Cindy. She’s married to her work still, but imagine the cute little friendship or romance between them! Long hours working to make sure that the daemons stay at back, both sharing ideas on how to make Hammerhead a better Hunter HQ, and probably Prompto taking picture of someone who was just as bright as the sun he could remember.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto forcing themselves to take a break, so they sit together and look at all of the photographs they’ve taken or managed to snap, before and after night came. Drinking coffee and giving themselves a reason to keep working hard and stay motivated.

Imagine the idea of Cindy and Prompto stuck on an idea. So they start throwing about ideas to see what works.
Prompto: What if we go ahead and do this…?
Cindy: …If we do that, then maybe it might work if we do this!
Prompto: And if we do that along with this-
Both: We can make it work!

This is followed by a quick hug or kiss before they scurry off to their workstations properly.

JUST IMAGINE THEM BEING CUTE DORKS AND FRIENDS, ROMANTIC OR NOT. These two would be the cuteness, regardless of what relationship they have. Prompto and Cindy…~ It’s a ship that I definitely get behind and support. :D

“I’m Cindy, and when I grow up I want to be the first female president of the United states.”

“Wow, thats a big dream. Tell me, Cindy, how old are you?”
“I’m eight.”

“Eight. So, assuming the age requirements don’t change within the next few decades, you won’t be eligible to run for president for twenty seven years, and elections are every four years . So basically you don’t want there to be a female president for the next thirty years so that you can do it first. That’s pretty selfish, Cindy. Are you sure you’re cut out for leadership?”