cindy lou hoo

  • I was just watching xXScreamKiwiXx on youtube and she was doing a get ready with me, it was an old video (because she didn't have her septum pierced or her cheeks pierced) and she looked so pretty without make-up and her hair just done up really messy and all I thought was "you don't need to wear make-up, you don't need to do anything to your hair. You look so pretty without it" but I wear make-up and I do my hair because it makes me feel better, makes me feel pretty and I couldn't give a fuck if you think I wear too much or not enough. It's my face, it's my hair I can do what I want with it. If you want to wear all the make-up you own at once and spend two hours on your hair, do it! as long as you feel pretty or confident and you're not doing it to please anyone else you can look like Cindy Lou Hoo and I won't judge you. It's your body and if you think by piercing something or wearing make-up or whatever makes you look better or gives you confidence good, good for you! but even if you don't wear make-up or do your hair, you still look beautiful and if anyone has anything else to say about that...punch them in the throat. Fuck them, they don't matter and neither does there opinions. So Kiwi (Idk her actual name and google won't help) you look beautiful with and without it. Idk.