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Broken Hearts

Here I was, (Y/F/N), walking down the aisle to everyone’s ideal man.  This was everyone’s dream, to marry a rich, attractive, and intelligent man, but this wasn’t my dream.  This isn’t my ideal man.  This is a business deal.  I was being sold off to the son of a large corporation that could help my father’s business and ensure that it keeps going strong.

“Do you, (Y/N), take Oh Sehun to be your husband?”

“I do.”  What other choice do I have?  I looked up at my partner.  He was gorgeous, yes, I couldn’t deny that.  I also couldn’t deny that I didn’t love him, I felt nothing towards him.  

“Do you, Oh Sehun, take (Y/N) to be your wife?”  

“I do.”  He didn’t even look at me.  He kept his eyes forward, his eyes lacked any emotion, I’m sure it mirrored my own.  

“You are now pronounced husband and wife.  You may kiss the bride,” everyone cheered.  Sehun grabbed my waist and pulled me forward.  He pressed his lips into mine.  They were soft, the kiss didn’t set off any sparks inside of me.  Do you know what it’s like to kiss someone and feel absolutely nothing?  I do.  It’s even worse when the person you kiss feels something, they get the spark.  Sehun touched his lips and look down at me with a shy smile on his face.  

He intertwined his fingers with mine.  He led me down the aisle as people threw rice on us.  We met our parents at the exit.  His mother was crying, our fathers beaming with happiness.  The only one that seemed concerned was my mother.  After his mother hugged and welcomed me to the family, my mother brought me in close.

“Don’t worry sweetheart.  Love will develop between you guys.”  she smiled at me.  I hope she’s telling the truth.  I’d hate to spend the rest of my life with a man I felt nothing for.  “Just promise, you’ll make this work and try your best.  Your fathers business depends on this.”  I nod at her.  Of course, my fathers business comes first.  

Sehun led me out to his white camaro.  He opened the door for me and I stepped in.  He slipped into the car.  After 5 minutes of driving, he looked over at me, “you look beautiful, by the way.”  

Most girls would have fainted, or at least blushed to receive a compliment from him.  I, however, didn’t even blink.  “Thanks, I guess.  Your mother picked out the dress and everything.  I didn’t even get to do my make up.. Honey.”

“I still think you look amazing,” he slipped a hand on my thigh.  I didn’t say a word, and the rest of the ride was silent.

When we arrived to the mansion, he showed me around.  I had changed into my jeans and regular black shirt, while he was still in his suit and tie.  It was huge, modern, elegant.  I could definitely live here.  He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest. “So, what do you say about getting to know each other on a personal level?” He bit his lip and raised his eyebrows.

I laughed and pushed off of him,  “How about we not?  Listen, I’m only in this marriage because of our parents.  I have no interest in you, besides your company.  I’ll be by your side at parties, and events but other than that, consider us as just friends.  No, acquaintances.”

Sehun’s eyes went wide and his lips came together in a pout.  “(Y/N)..  Aren’t you at least going to pretend to love me?”

“I am.. In public.  Otherwise, I’m not.  Someone stole my heart a long time ago and they never gave it back.  I’m sorry.. I didn’t want this.  I didn’t want you.”

Sehun lowered his head, “well.. Tomorrow, you have to attend a meeting at my work.  It’s early so you should probably go to bed now.”  I was already on my way upstairs.  

Hours later, I feel Sehun slip into bed beside me.  I pretended to be asleep to avoid any more conversation.  He put his arm around me and whispered, “I’ll win your heart back..  I didn’t feel anything for you until that kiss today.  I realized you’re the one thing that I want in this world, and it scares me that you’re the one think I can’t have..”  He fell asleep with his head buried in my hair.

I’m so sorry, Sehun.  I want nothing more but to want you but my cold heart won’t let go of it’s old flame..  But I felt like his words were starting to the melt the barriers around it.

The next morning, I got dressed in a blue sundress.  I put on black heels.  Light make up and I curled my hair.  Sehun was already in a suit by the time I got downstairs.  Still handsome.  

“You look beautiful,” he said looking up from his paper.  I lowered my head, remembering what he said last night when he thought I was asleep.  

“Thank you, you look.. Handsome,” I kicked nothing.  “So, you ready to go?”  He smiled brightly and nodded.  Grabbing my hand and taking me to his car.  “Sehun, we aren’t in public, you don’t have to hold my hand.”

“I want to.” I nodded and blushed slightly.  I furrowed my eyebrows when I felt my heart swell.  I wanted to fall in love with him, I did, but after the last time.. I don’t know if love is for me.  

After a bit of a drive, we arrived at his office.  It was beautiful, and it was a large symbol of money and the financial stability Sehun and his family offered my family.  Sehun dragged me through the building.  Everyone bowed to us and greeted me warmly as Mrs. Oh.  I smiled brightly and wondered if they were genuinely happy with this job or just faking it, like so many others out there.  

“Would you like to see my office?” Sehun squeezed my hand lightly and peered down at me.

“Sure.  Where is it?”  I smiled lightly at him as he took me to the elevator and we started the journey upwards to the top floor of the building.  The doors opened up to a beautiful large room.  It was white tiled and everything was decorated modernly.  There was two large doors directly across that were firmly shut and a desk of his assistant in front of the door.  I bet he has a pretty gorgeous girl to be his assistant right? He looks like one of those guys.

“Oh-” I heard a deep voice coming from underneath the assistants desk.  “Sehun, you’re in!  Great, we have a lot of -”  The tall dark haired boy raised from underneath the desk and met eyes with me.

My heart fluttered as I met the eyes of my first love, Chanyeol.  It has been years since I’ve seen him, years since my hands were abruptly taken out of his hands by my father.  My thoughts were interrupted by Sehun’s deep voice.

“Chanyeol, this is my wife, (Y/N),” Keeping my eyes down, I bowed slightly and said hello. 

“Uh.. Hi.. I’m Chanyeol, Sehun’s assistant,” his voice wavered as he stepped forward and bowed to me.  

Sehun looked down at me and gently held my face, “darling, how about you go get something to eat or drink from downstairs while I prepare for the meeting,” he pressed his lips into my forehead and my eyes shut.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a bit,” I started to head back to the elevator and before it shut I saw Chanyeol’s foot stop the doors and he slid in.  My eye’s became large as I started up to the man who still held my heart, my husbands assistant.

The ride to the bottom floor felt like hours and that’s when I heard Chanyeol’s voice softly say, “So.. You’re the one boss married, huh?” I nodded, keeping my head down.  “Tell me though, does he kiss as good as I do?” 

My head shot up and I saw Chanyeol crossing the elevator to trap me in the corner.  He placed both of his hands on either side of me and leaned his head down.  I wanted it so bad, I missed him so much, but a voice played softly in my head, “your fathers business depends on this.”  I wiggled out of his arms and the elevator doors open as I quickly made my way out of it, hearing Chanyeol chuckle.

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