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LINDA PARK WEEK ♡ day six:

∟ AU: With the guys away Iris, Cindy, and Linda investigate a multi-millionaire…until Cindy discovers their hero boyfriends are kidnapped.

Ever Since Shanghai

A/N’s: This is the first part of my new Harry Styles mini-series, there will be more parts, hope you guys like it. All the love. xx

Word Count : 1.62 K words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader



“We are here, finally!” Cindy, my best friend, said before stretching her arms.

“Finally,” I sighed happily and tiredly.

“Sarah just texted me, she said she’s here we should go towards the gate now,” Cindy said checking her phone.

“Okay,” I replied then looked around the airport, we are here in Shanghai currently to attend the victoria secret fashion show. Sarah Jones, the drummer of Harry Styles and elder sister of Cindy managed to get us two tickets.

“I’m so excited for the show,” I said after claiming our luggage and making our way towards the gate.

“Yeah I’m glad the exams are over, it sucked the life out of us,” Cindy said happily.

“True, we have a well deserved break before starting uni,” I said contently.

“Let’s make the most of it,” she cheered.

“We will stay till the end of tour with the band so yeah it’ll be fun,” I said.

“Yeah Harry’s tour are so fun to attend, though we only attended two shows.”

“Well now we have 7 shows to attend, it’ll be fun!”

“Uh huh!”

“There’s Sarah! Hi!” I said before we both ran towards her.

“I’m so glad you guys made it here!” Sarah hugged me and Cindy and smiled widely.

“Our pleasure, so sorry couldn’t be here in the beginning you know because of fucking exams,” Cindy said.

“Oh I understand, I’m just happy I’ll get you two for the rest of the tour,” she said.


“Okay nerds, now c’mon, you must be starving from the flight,” Cindy said before dragging us towards the car waiting outside the airport.

“Yeah flight from London to Shanghai is no joke,” I replied yawning.

“Oh oh turn the radio on,” I said.

“Okay okay,” Sarah turned it on.

Slow Hands started playing.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS OH THIS IS THE BEST,” Cindy shouted, she’s a huge Niall fan.

We all started jamming, I’m sure the driver might think we are all insane. Sarah laughed loudly.

“Man I love this song, I love Niall,” Cindy fangirled.

“Sarah, is Mr. Horan attending any shows?” I asked.

“No I don’t think so, plus if he does and you meet him then pretend me and Cindy are not related, she’ll embarrass herself and I’ll also get embarrassed if he knows we’re sisters,” she shook her head.

“Oh I’m also not related to her either,” I agreed.

“You guys are so mean, oh my god.”

“We love you though,” me and Sarah said in unison.

“Okay kids, we’re here, brace yourself for the best times of your lives, that is seeing me play drums on stage,” she winked.

We giggled, but there’s no denying our girl slays the stage with her drumming skills.

We entered the luxurious hotel, and looked at each other before smiling widely, “we will have a memorable time, I’m so excited.”

Oh it was indeed going to be a memorable trip.

“I love our room Cindy, it’s so big, Sarah went all above and beyond,” I said before seeing the hotel room we will be staying for few days before going to another country.

“Indeed, I’m so proud of my sister, she always dreamed this, you know to be a successful drummer,” she said fondly.

“Remember when we first became best friends and I came to your house to hang out and she tried to teach us to play drums?” I giggled, fondly remembering that day.

“Oh god yes, we were in middle-school back then,” she chuckled. 

“When will she be done by rehearsal?” 

“I think in a couple of hours, she mentioned we all will dine together.”

“Sounds fun, I can’t wait to meet the rest of the band.” I said smiling.

“Styles innit,” she winked.

“Well his songs are cool,” I shrugged.

“I spoke to him once briefly, he’s a gentleman, also he looks so good in pictures and much more good in person, how is this possible?” 

I just chuckled, I never actually met him, Cindy attended few parties and met him, I’m not that big of a fan but the times Cindy made me listen his songs I actually liked them.

Few Hours Later

After freshening up and eating light snacks me and Cindy got dressed up into something comfortable yet fashionable and began watching a random movie that was playing on the tv, waiting for Sarah to come to us.

After half an hour later, Sarah arrived, she looked really tired.

“Just took a shower and quickly got dressed before coming here, it was such an exhausting day, it was worth it though,” she said.

“Are you excited for tomorrow’s show?” I asked smiling.

“Absolutely, now let’s go, we’re going to a restaurant Mitch found for dinner, sounds good?”

“Yes, I miss Mitch, how are you two with all this lovey-dovey process?” Cindy wiggled her eyebrow.

“Uh, I’m not discussing my love-life with my two little sisters, but he’s very nice,” Sarah said blushing slightly.

“Aww, look at her blush,” I teased.

“Shut up you two and follow me,” she said.

We saw three cars waiting for us outside.

“Where’s others?” Cindy asked.

“They’ll join us in a bit,now c’mon get in the car,” Sarah said.

“Hey ladies, how are you two?” Mitch said before engulfing me and Cindy into a welcoming hug.

“Mitch! Hi! We missed you,” me and Cindy replied enthusiastically.

“I missed you guys too,” he replied flashing a smile.

“C’mon let’s go I’m starving!” Sarah whined.

“Relax woman, we’re going,” he said giving Sarah a peck.


We are now at the restaurant right now, and the place looks beautiful, it is a rooftop restaurant and the weather was a bit windy so it felt really nice. There was even a bar setup where we can order drinks.

The table that we sat on was huge, there were all band members of C.H.A.S.M, me, Cindy, Jeff, Glenne, Lou and another guy  that looked around our age but I didn’t know his name.

I looked over at Harry and I couldn’t help but stare at him, he’s absolutely gorgeous, the way he smiles is indescribable. I noticed how he’s the center of attention always cracking a joke and talking about everything stuffs other than work. Now I know why Cindy is so mad over him along his other 1D band members, especially Niall.

I heard Sarah say, Harry rented the entire rooftop so they could have some privacy and enjoy the meal. 

The dinner was absolutely delicious and I was so full. Cindy and the boy our age whose name I learnt was Max seemed to be engrossed in conversation. I saw almost everyone was busy talking among themselves.

“I’ll be back, just want to see the view,” I said to Cindy pointing towards the railing where we can see the view.

“Sure babe, I’ll join you in a bit maybe?” She replied.

I nodded.

I walked towards the bar section and ordered a sprite. I then proceeded towards the railing of the rooftop and observed the view below. It was a busy city and all the lights and everything made it seem so wonderful.

“Hi,” I heard a voice from behind.

I turned around to see it was none other than Harry, I was a bit taken aback, “Hello,” I replied politely.

“We haven’t met properly, you’re Sarah’s sister’s best friend?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N,” I said offering my hand to shake.

“And I’m Harry,” he said smiling, shaking my hand.

“It’s a beautiful view from here wow,” he said before standing beside me.

“Indeed,” I replied sipping my sprite, “are you excited for the show tomorrow?”

“I am, a bit nervous if I must add.” He said sipping his own beverage.

“Don’t be, you’re amazing on stage, I’ve been to two of your shows and it was such a great experience,” I said smiling encouragingly.

“Really?” He asked grinning.


“Thanks, I appreciate that. Uh you a fan then?” 

“Well Cindy is. Me? Not really.” I said.

“Ouch that hurt,” he said in mock offence.

“But I liked your album, I mainly came for Sarah but you were so good,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said chuckling.

We talked for two more hours, starting from where we live and which show is our favourite to what type of ice-cream flavor we prefer.

“Guys we gotta head towards the hotel, got a big day ahead,” Jeff said loudly catching everyone’s attention, at this point everyone was scattered around different places talking among themselves.

“It was nice meeting you Harry, goodnight,” I said before hugging him.

“Likewise, um-Y/N -um see you again then, yeah,” he said smiling.



Since the moment we arrived at the hotel, Cindy couldn’t stop talking about Max and how amazing he was. 

“He also plays violin, I mean that’s so hot,” she gushed.

“Who is he related to?” I asked.

“He’s Jeff’s cousin, he also finished his exams recently so Jeff and Glenne asked him to tag along,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said.

“I saw you talking with Harry, oh my goodness how did you even manage to speak in front of such a perfect human being for so long?” She started asking loudly.

“First of all speak gently, second of all he’s a real gentleman and it didn’t seem like he’s some celebrity he was so down to earth and I enjoyed talking to him.”

“I always knew he’s a gentleman, oh tell me something I don’t already know,” she began singing the last part.

I just rolled my eyes, “Go to sleep kid, I’m so tired, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, can’t wait for the show and meet Max,” she said before turning off the lamp placed on top of the hotel’s nightstand.



The Cooks & Foods from FFXV Comrades and the Square Enix Cafe Placemats

So on the official FFXVEN Twitter Account they pointed out that you can get different cooks at camp in Comrades that will make dishes for you. The first photo is apparently all the different npcs you can get to cook for you. As far as I know and have heard so far, it’s completely random for someone different then Monica to show up.

Now once you get said NPC to cook for you, you learn the recipe in the main game. I’ve had Cid and Cindy cook for me so far. When I loaded up my main game to do the weekly timed quest I noticed when I camped I had learned both recipes Cid and Cindy had made in Comrades, they are just named differently.

The weird thing I noticed is these recipes match up with the recent placemats that came out at the Square Enix cafe. Noctis is eating those tacos with Cid on the placemat, and in the game it’s listed as one of his favorite dishes (cause of the heart over the pixel Noct’s head) Prompto is eating with Cindy on the placemat and in game the salad is listed as one of his favorite foods.

I’m wondering…since Aranea is with Ignis on that placemat and Iris is with Gladio…once they make food for you at camp and you learn it in game, will those dishes be their favorite foods? I wonder if any of the bros will have favorites from any of the other npcs?

Raving Lunatics & Idiots.

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Request: hello hi can you please write a Jerome imagine where you disguise yourself as one of jerome’s cult members with the heavy makeup and costume and you blend in at jerome’s circus but he (or a cult member) eventually catches you by trying to save your friend from the torture?

Fandom: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Note: this one shot contains violence, torture instruments, blood, swearing, spoilers i guess & weapons. gif isn’t mine. y/n is a bit younger than jerome and dresses like harley quinn (jester costume) as a disguise. the names i made up are mentioned in this story: cindy, erin, katherine and y/n’s friend (y/f/n)

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I loveeeeeeee making fanchildren! Especially from crack pairings!

This is Cindy, a Squandy fanchild I made with @milich96, she’s not a biological child, they made her with the power of SCIENCE!

She’s a little bit dumb (a lot ahah)

She is a Squandy fanchild, but I also want to use her in an Squandybob Au with Milich ❤️ (since her fanchild and her are really close)

anonymous asked:

omg yay requests are open!! Sooo, I read that fill you did for Ignis>Reader>Prompto>Cindy and I LOVE IT! The way you wrote Reader and Cindy made me think, though. What if, similar situation, but it was actually Cindy who was falling hard for Reader??

Now imagine me trying to figure out this crazy love shape, cause it ain’t no triangle! This one was kind of funny to make because I feel like I just threw a bunch of people in a bucket and was like, ‘Y'all figure it out, I’ll be over here’


The large pickup truck slowed as the woman within the driver’s seat noticed the group waiting for her. A blonde head popping out the window with a bright smile, “Y'all waiting for me?”

As the Regalia was lowered, Cindy popped from the cab, moving over to the group with a beaming smile.

“Thank you for coming all the way out here,” Ignis called.

Cindy waved it off, “Ain’t nothing but a hop skip and a jump.” She replied, her eyes turning to you. “Oh, you looked better than a pair of new headlights on a factory car.”

You blinked before realizing that it was a compliment, “Thanks. You look good too, feels like forever since we last saw you.”

“I know right.” She cooed, stepping over wrapping one of her gloved hands around your own.  “Not a lot of girls can be in all this nature and still come out looking like a magnolia in May”

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by clicking ( here ) you’ll find ( 110 ) gif icons of cindy kimberly aka wolf cindy . i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like INCLUDING REDISTRIBUTION as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.