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♡Favourite Women of Colour in DCTV♡

*I changed it to replace Maggie with Shado. Kinda just found out Maggie is white not Latino so I removed her and replaced her with Shado, who is awesome and always will be.*

Marvel women headlining comics

Never before had there been so many Marvel comic books with this many female leads. With A-Force, an all women Avengers team debuting, it is time to celebrate by taking a look at the others.



This is the breakout character from the Spider-Verse event. In a different universe, Gwen Stacy is the one who got bitten and became Spider-Woman, while Peter parker died.

Her costume is the coolest superhero design for a long time and inspired tons of fanart and cosplay. Spider-Gwen has her own, very popular comic now.


Bitten by the same Spider as Peter Parker, Silk, a.k.a. Cindy Moon, agreed to hide in a bunker for years to protect her from those seeking to murder her. When Peter finds her, she is first enraged, but later agrees to help and protect her city. Apart from trying to find her family, she also needs to adjust to having lost years of interactions with other people.

What is fun for us readers is that her references are much more relatable than Captain America’s references from the forties, since it is all from our own life time.

“Is Pokemon still a thing? Asking for a friend.”


The original Spider-Woman has a new book, a new look and quit the Avengers. It’s fun seeing her hang out with best friend Carol Danvers, Ben Urich and the above mentioned Spiders. Trying a more normal life, she now fights crime on the street level. I like the art a lot as well. 

The Big Stars

Princess Leia

Marvel Comics must be overjoyed that Star Wars is part of the Disney/Marvel family now, since it also means they can make more great and especially, popular, comics. Princess Leia 1 was the top selling comic book when it came out in March 2015. After the events of the first movie, Leia takes off with pilot Evaan to rescue who is left of her people. It’s nice seeing Leia interact with a woman for once and seeing her deal with the after-effects of the destruction of her planet.


One of the most iconic X-Men, Storm got her own comic in 2014. What I love about this comic is that it shows how powerful she is. She’s always been one of the strongest mutants/X-Men and this comic explores how she deals with this further. 

We also get to see how compasionate Ororo is, both in her interactions with fellow X-Men and the people she saves.

Captain Marvel

Though not quite as much a celebrity as the two other ladies in this category, Captain Marvel is quickly gaining in fame. The announcement that she would get her own movie raised her profile a lot, as did her loyal fans: the Carol Corps. I like how her longing for the sky plays such a big role, as opposed to all the stores in the world when a woman longs most after a man or having a family.

Carol has fun friends on Earth, but goes off to seek adventures in space. Since nobody wants to take care of her grumpy cat, she takes her along. This does not sit well with Rocket Raccoon, who thinks the cat is an evil flerken that lays eggs. What happens then? Read the comic: it’s hilarious.

Artsy Assassins

Black Widow

Atoning for her past, Natasha Romanov clears the world of those who seek to bring hurt and rule over others. It’s interesting seeing her getting rid of high-profile criminals and then dealing with the neighbour who abuses his wife. The art? It’s amazing. 


In case you were wondering? The whole comic looks that awesome. Elektra is a piece of art that combines action with introspection; all in the same panels. The characterization is amazing. This is very high class work that deserves more recognition.

Amazing Dorks

Ms Marvel

One of he most talked about new comics, Ms Marvel delivers in many way. Kamala Khan is a girl who gains shape shifting abilities when a terrigen mist activates her inhuman cells. She is also a Pakistani American, raised by a strict, but loving family. As the first Muslim character to have her own comic book at Marvel, the comic has received lots of positive reactions and she has even been used in anti-racism campaigns.

Kamala is smart, has a good heart, but is also quite a dork. Her fangirling, fanfic writing and defense of the millenial generation must be quite relatable to lots of Tumblr users here. 

Squirrel Girl

Yes, she actually exists. Yes, she is very powerful. One of the first enemies she takes on? Galactus. That’s right.

This comic is one of the funniest around. Squirrel Girl and all her Squirrel friends, as well as her new room mate Nancy make for a great supporting cast. It’s also nice to see a superhero with her bodytype.

Daily Reading:
Proverbs 4:25

Daily Devo:
When you think about “distractions,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think about social media or television. Or maybe you think about certain things that happen at your job or in certain relationships. Big or small, distractions can greatly affect our daily lives and they can also affect our confidence in Christ.

A distraction is anything that prevents you from giving your full attention to something else. Now it’s important to note that distractions aren’t always bad. Perhaps you’re studying for a big test, but your little sibling needs someone to just thirty minutes giving them advice. Or maybe, you were planning on staying at home for the weekend, but you found out that a group of old friends had come to town. These kinds of distractions are not bad, however, there are other distractions, too. There are distractions that don’t just take us away from work or school, but they take our focus away from the things of the Lord. There are the kinds of distractions that get us off course and leave us questioning ourselves and our abilities. These distractions can also come in many different ways. They can come in the form of a toxic relationships or friendships with people who are pursuing the things of the Lord. At times, even church and Christianity-related activities can be a distraction from pursuing God Himself.

Whatever your distractions may be, be mindful of them. Furthermore, always be in a place where you are reevaluating what needs to be reevaluated and eliminating what needs to be eliminated, never letting anything keep you from fixing your eyes on Jesus.

Written by: Morgan Harper Nichols Life
Featured photo: @ela_darrling (model) + Cindy Green Love Photo (photographer)