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Netflix’s Punisher Trailer 2 Streamed

Netflix has updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for Marvel's Punisher. The latest trailer features a deeper look at the story of the series. Marvel’s Punisher will be released exclusively on Netflix on November 17.  Source: Netflix

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A Birth, A Wedding And Food Poisoning...

Rounding up a week in Hollyoaks (6th-10th November 2017)

Another week, and another Hollyoaks character gets away with their crimes, and gains a baby in the process. I am of course talking about Warren Fox, who’s life began to unravel this week when Kim and Farrah discovered that he’d been holding pregnant Sienna hostage, and just in the nick of time, too, as she went into labour! With a bit of encouragement, Warren agreed to take Sienna to hospital, where she gave birth to a boy and a girl, who she named Sebastian and Sophie. Despite warnings from those around her, Sienna refused to report Warren to the police, instead insisting that he would listen to her when she ordered him to leave the village.

Meanwhile, Myra discovered that Cleo had the video footage of Katy’s death and decided to show it to Warren, who was of course none too happy and reacted by beating Joel up and tying him to a chair in the garage. It was Tony who would eventually calm Warren down, pointing out that Joel did not force Katy to take drugs and that her death was really her own doing. After letting Joel go, Warren made the decision to leave the village, knowing that his crimes would eventually catch up with him if he stayed. However, he wasn’t going alone and he headed to the hospital, where he snatched baby Sophie from her cot and said a sad goodbye to Sebastian, who was in an incubator. Sienna was frantic when she realised her daughter had gone, but soon calmed down and was adamant that Warren would return her. However, she was left devastated when Joel revealed that the police had CCTV footage of Warren boarding a ferry for France. So, Warren’s gone but if history has taught us anything, it’s that he won’t be gone for long. There’s something about Hollyoaks village that he can’t seem to resist. 

Elsewhere, It was the week of Dirk and Cindy’s wedding and Milo tried to use Tom’s upset at Frankie’s death as a reason to postpone it. Unfortunately for Milo, Tom insisted that the wedding go ahead and Milo was forced to re-think. At Dirk’s stag night, Milo tried to cause trouble by engineering a situation where Dirk was left alone with the stripper and allowed Holly to catch her throwing herself at Dirk. Dirk managed to talk himself out of it, leaving Milo frustrated…

As the day of the wedding arrived, Milo became even more desperate to stop it and came up with perhaps his most wicked plan yet. Knowing that a sex tape featuring Holly and Nick had been doing the rounds, Milo put a copy on Dirk’s laptop and allowed Holly to find it. Holly was left devastated by the realisation that Dirk would do such a thing and Cindy was left torn. In the end, she decided to trust Dirk and went ahead with the wedding, leaving both Milo and Holly furious. As if the wedding going ahead wasn’t bad enough for Milo, Holly decided she couldn’t stand to be around Dirk anymore and announced that she was moving out.

Also this week, Leah’s search for stardom was back on as she prepared to audition for a part in a play but Ste and Ry Ry’s constant arguing was starting to get on everyone’s nerves. With the help of Tegan, Leah soon came up with a novel way to get the two men talking civilly with each other and got them to stand in the stocks outside The Dog before leaving them there for the afternoon! Both men eventually came to see that they only wanted what was best for Leah and Lucas and Ste later approached Ry Ry about the possibility of them co-parenting the children. It wasn’t all good news, though, as Leah’s diva-like behaviour caused her to storm out of her audition! 

Finally, Damon and Ellie decided that they wanted to be together and enjoyed a romantic breakfast. All was going very well indeed until Ellie realised that the sausages she’d served up were out of date and she and Damon spent the rest of the day sharing the bathroom!

5 Things We Learnt This Week:

1. A tracksuit, wooly hat, huge sunglasses and high-vis vest = ‘community service chic’.

2. Ellie cannot be trusted to read use-by dates. 

3. The plural of ‘doofus’ is ‘doofi’ and not ‘doofuses’, as Tegan thought. 

4. Leela likes to hide the TV remote and make Tegan watch the news. 

5. Dirk is turned on by high-vis clothing.

Hypocrite of the Week:

Ste Hay, who was furious at Ry Ry’s suggestion that Leah put on some make-up for her audition. He’s clearly forgotten the time he turned her into a ‘drag queen’ for the Little Starz talent show! 

Characters Featured:

Alfie, Brody, Cindy, Cleo, Damon, Diane, Dirk, Ellie, Esther, Farrah, Holly, Joel, Kim, Leah, Mandy, Marnie, Milo, Myra, Ryan, Sebastian, Sienna, Sophie, Ste, Tegan, Tom, Tony and Warren.

Past Characters Mentioned:

Amy Barnes, Nico Blake, Patrick Blake, Gordon Cunningham, Helen Cunningham, Katy Fox, Neeta Kaur, Bart McQueen, Frankie Osborne, Nick Savage.