cindry chan


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 4: Favourite Arc

THRILLER BARK! To be honest I’m a little fanboy that loves every arc lol, but this arc had, imo, a very awesome  concept that was unveiled in quite a cool way (stuff like Cindry-chan being dead, Inuppe acting like Sanji, etc.) and some of the best characters to date, which just makes it slightly better than all the other arcs. I could list so many things that I love in this arc lol: Moria-sama, Rumbar Pirates, badass Zoro, the whole crew fighting together, a friggin’ island ship, hilarious pseudo-zombies in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I could go on lol… I just love everything <3 <3

I’m sorry if she surprised you!! A long time ago, this woman was engaged to a rich man.  In order to test his love, she broke ten dishes from his treasure. But because of that, the engagement was annulled and she was thrown away, sniveling. Her past is tragic indeed. Cindry-chan, my servant, doesn’t like dishes.
—  Doctor Hogback
  • Cindry: Here is the pudding.
  • Hogback: E~~~h!!? Hey, Cindry-chan. You could at least serve the pudding on a dish! Can you grant me that one wish!?
  • Cindry: It would be nice if there weren't dishes in this world...
  • Hogback: No need to be worried whatsoever, since this table cloth was cleaned to death for an occasion like this!
  • Usopp and Chopper: Well, itadakimasu!
  • Nami: Can't you use a spoon!?