everyone headcanons lance as someone who really cares about his skin and takes really hood care of it (and this has been shown in canon too) but i think that we all forget that he is a teenage boy, and as a teenage boy-type person i can attest that while i try to take care of my skin, i either have no clue what the ingredients are in the DIY stuff or i end up using shitty substitutes for the ingredients i’m supposed to use


That feel when u know u did good when u made a drawing with an inverted colour scheme, and inverting that brings back almost all the correct colours :’D

This was honestly super fun to do though. Colour scheme was so bizarre since it was like, all colours I rarely use, but it was great practice!
Also posting both versions ‘cause both are awesome in their own way lol

Also my friend says she looks like Elsa in the first one (would’ve been had I not made her skin darker lmao), but my mom says she seems more Space-themed. I get Elf vibes from it, myself, so I guess it’s open to interpretation :D

Sorry for the personal vent but my stomach turns and I feel disgusted whenever exclusionist assume aphobe means lgbt+ person. Like wow, thanks for saying my cishet conservative abusers who absolutely hate gay and trans people are lgbt+ for hating me, real helpful there. Not at all triggering, nope.

But seriously, over at all-ace-safe-space, I had to leave for months because I was venting about aphobes and people decided it’d be a fun thing to do to guilt trip and harass me, and accuse me of saying LGBT+ people are rapists and abusers. I swear I can’t even fucking vent about my abusers and people who hurt me without some disgusting asshole turning my trauma into discourse topic. These fuckers literally pushed me into 3 breakdowns to the point I was considering suicide because they don’t understand the difference between hating and wanting aspec people dead and being LGBT+. I absolutely hate them and I hope they’ll have a shitty fucking life. ~Cinder