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impressions battles between the tlc crew omg 😂

Well, the biggest culprit of doing Rampion crew impressions is definitely Thorne. As proven by his flawless impressions of Levana, he’s not one to shy away from poking fun of his friends.

  • He does awful impressions of Cinder flirting with him that end up with him getting hit with metal limbs.
  • His Kai impressions sound more like a stuffy British lord, that is, until he starts gushing about Cinder.
    • Again, these impressions end up with him getting hit with metal limbs.
  • He has the worse French accent imaginable so when he tries to do Scarlet, no one understands a word he’s saying.
  • His impressions of Wolf are surprisingly accurate when he lowers his voice and makes it as gruff as possible. But then he just takes it too far when he rolls up his shirts and stuffs them into his hoodie to mimic Wolf’s bulging muscles.
    • Unfortunately that’s just an invitation for everyone else to gang up on him and throw playful punches. Of course, he doesn’t think it’s so funny.
      • “Watch the hair! THE HAIR!”
  • He’s never been able to do an impression of Cress because she’ll just smile at him sweetly (but a well trained Thorne can tell it’s one of her smiles that promises bodily harm) and he’ll chicken out.
    • On the other hand, Cress does a pretty good impression of Thorne, especially when she borrows his sunglasses.
  • He has never been able to pin down an impression of Winter either. Maybe it’s because whenever he spends time studying her, he just gets all worked up about how impossible it is that she’s prettier than him.
  • Impressions of Jacin are definitely the easiest and not only has Thorne perfected the steely gaze and Jacin’s rigid stance, pretty much everyone else has too, which only provokes Jacin into said steely gaze and rigid stance. 
  • And Thorne would never poke fun of Iko. It’s probably because they have a special bond. I mean, she was his ship for a while and they know their priorities. 
So I bought RWBY Vol 3 Blu-Ray today and sat down to watch it with mum. Her reactions were hilarious
  • Sees Sun:whoa who's the hottie?
  • Yang breaking Mercury's leg:WHAT'S GOING ON!!! EM!!! TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!!
  • Cinder taking Amber's power:wow what a bitch
  • Sees Torchwick:NO NOT THIS GUY AGAIN!!!
  • Penny ripped into pieces:EEEEEMMMMMMM!!!!! this is getting scary
  • Ruby kicking butt:YOU GO RUBY!!!
  • Qrow's Scythe:...really?
  • Sees Adam:ewwww
  • Sees Cinder murder Amber:YOU BITCH!! YOU ABSOLUTE BITCH!!!
  • Yang gets her arm cut off:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • See's Sun again:Shut up McAbs
  • Arkos Kiss:oooooooooooooohhhhh
  • Cinder about to kill Pyrrha:YOU FUCKING BITCH!!
  • Pyrrah dies:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Salem narrating:oh...ok. She sounded nice before and now she's mean.