you ever get that feeling where you really want there to be a lunar chronicles film/tv adaptation

so you look at a bunch of fancasts

but then you kinda want all the actors to be new and unknown bc anyone current is way too old plus it sort of fits a lot of the characters?

Cinder Fall is basically the Sasuke Uchiha of RWBY

 She’s basically responsible for fucking up the entire world, plunging it into war, fucking up the vast majority of the cast both directly and indirectly and, in several cases, personally, AND is physically abusive and manipulative to those under her. And yet is probably going to get a redemption arc because reasons.

Except, unlike Sasuke, literally NO ONE would have any reason to forgive her, let alone not hate her, and NONE of the four kingdoms would have any reason to not put out an immediate kill order on her. Not even Ruby would be willing to forgive her considering she killed Pyrrha right in front of her and is responsible directly for Ozpin’s death and indirectly for Penny’s death, the communication blackout the world is in right now, dragging in one of her teammate’s abusive ex into a conflict he wanted nothing of and, by extension, her sister losing her arm and going into depression. Not only that, by Cinder’s schemes, the world now distrusts hunters and huntresses, has no communication at all, is thrown into panic, and had one of it’s kingdoms lost to a Grimm invasion, not to mention how many people from both sides have died due to her actions.

If anyone in this show deserves a redemption arc, it’s the leader of the ONLY civil rights group in the series who is only involved because his men were held at gunpoint and were going to be killed by cinder if he didn’t cooperate and can still do some good to the world as a whole. But nope, he’s an abusive creep that should never get a redemption arc because it would require a whopping total of TWO characters to forgive that he can change and SHE’S the wounded lil flower that should be forgiven even though it would require literally the WORLD to overlook her crimes.

I really hope Miles and Kerry get better at writing and characterization in Volume 5, man…

blackace70  asked:

Pyrrha/Cinder/Salem has had a long day. And have plans to relax with their S/O and his kid. But when they get home, they're greeted to a surprising sight of their S/O and child shouting "Surprise!" While showing a wonderfully decorated cake. When the girls asked what's the occasion. The Child happily exclaims that's it's been an exact year since the girls had become part of their family. How do the girls react to the wonderful sight? (A/N: Wanted to add Yang too. Curse your 3 char Limit T-T)

This is nice and wholesome. I think I’m going to like this.

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*After a long day of classes, Pyrrha intends to just cuddle with you and your kid for the rest of the day. It was rather exhausting today due to all the tests they had. When she approached your dorm she knocked but heard nothing. She simply shrugged and entered since it was unlocked and was surprised to, well, you and your kid yelling surprise happily with cake and everything.

*She would gasp and smile wide seeing all the set up and ask what the special occasion was about. Your child would respond, “Its been a year since you and daddy/mommy became a couple and we became a family!” They would say happily. Pyrrha would gasp and cover her mouth in surprise. She would then smile wide and laugh before picking up your kid for a big hug and give you a very loving kiss.

*She would spend the whole day with you both. many hugs and kisses are had along side the cake. She would says she loves you and your kid both many times during this small party and she would be very happy. The day would end with you, your child, and Pyrrha cuddling together on a bed chatting happily. She’s so damn happy to know you two and things like this remind her as to why.


*She had a tiring day since she had to deal with Roman’s attitude and Mercury’s mouth. After she was done all she wanted to do was hold you child in her arms as you hold her in turn. She approached her room and knocked before entering. She was shocked when she saw you and your kid in the room with a cake. She smiled when you both yelled surprise to her.

*She would ask what all this was about and your kid would reply before you could. “Its been a year since you and daddy/mommy became a couple and we became a family!” They said happily. Cinder would then gain a genuine look of shock. She never thought in her life that she would have a family waiting for her but here you both are. She would then smile lovingly before picking the child up and kissing their cheek saying she was happy as well. She’d kiss you after.

*She would spend the rest of the day with just you and your kid, Eating cake though she did take small pleasure in feeding your kid and getting icing on your nose. She says that she loves you and your child quite a bit throughout the day. She would cuddle with you both as she holds your kid and you hold her. She’s not been this happy in awhile and she loves. it.


*As useful as her pawns are they can be tiring when they argue. After a long meeting that ended with Salem shouting at Tyrian and Mercury, she would head to her chambers to be with you and your little one. She knocked once where you could hear her and then opened it. She’d mildly surprised to see you and your child with a cake and telling surprise but she would smile.

*She would ask what was going on and before you could get a word out your child would say something first. “Its been a year since you and daddy/mommy became a couple and we became a family!” Your child would say happily. This would surprise Salem. Sure Tyrian loves her in a creepy sort of way but to be genuinely loved by not only you, but your child would warm her heart. she would smile lovingly as she picked the child up in her arms and thanks them with a kiss t the cheek. You’d get a passionate kiss on the lips.

*She would happily spend the day with you and your child, leaving Hazel in charge of things since he’s calm and patient. She would happily feed your child cake and you if you want. She doesn’t really need to eat but does so because it makes you and your child happy. At the end of the small part you three would eb laying on the bed. Salem is holding your child close to her chest almost in a protective manner and you would hold her. You two would kiss and she would say she loves you both. For the first time ever, she knows what family is like.

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