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Hey I know this isn't really your expertise but do you happen to know of any Scydia fics that also have Sterek? Preferably where Scott is actually a nice guy and not a major asshole.

So I don’t really know many scydia fics so these are more like sterek fics that feature scydia heavily(with the exception of one). I hope these are okay.

Suitcase Cinderella by machtaholic

“The hotel gave me your suitcases by accident and likewise, whoops here you go, but wow are you my true love?” AU

Stiles is in Greece for Scott and Lydia’s wedding and gets the wrong luggage … but finds his soulmate.

Tabula Rasa by HeartOfTheMirror

When a druid ritual goes wrong everyone loses their memories. As they struggle to stay alive they will make decisions that may drastically alter the way they see themselves should they remember who they really are.

The Way Things Could Have Been by Wiccan507

Scott and Lydia are transported to different realities after a witch asks them to help her with Stiles and Derek.

Just you and me (or three) by trilliastra

Stiles, Lydia, Scott and Derek on a weird blind date that goes wrong.

Or right.

Or perfect.

The Heartlines on Your Hand by ofherlionheart

Lydia glances at Scott. Over the years, he has turned into a surprisingly competent leader. Sometimes, when recalling the asthmatic sixteen year old who regularly tripped over his own feet, Lydia has trouble connecting the two versions of Scott McCall in her head. Yet the klutzy teen managed to turn into an agile werewolf, and, somewhere along the way, got a haircut and a tattoo and a pair of red alpha eyes. Scott is no longer a boy; he is a man, confident and capable, but still able to love and goof around and look like a puppy with a crooked jaw.

Lydia Martin is a banshee, a goddess, a fearless warrior who eats her inferiors for breakfast. But most importantly, underneath it all, she is simply a human girl. This is a part of her story.


An extra tidbit in Ryo Matsunaga’s [ Nocturne ] event card once you look closer at the numbers on their jerseys, is that they match with the number of their CINDERELLA MASTER CD!

  • Minami Nitta - CINDERELLA MASTER 019 Venus Syndrome 
  • Kanade Hayami - CINDERELLA MASTER 034 Hotel Moonside 
  • Ryo Matsunaga - CINDERELLA MASTER 047 One Life 

information courtesy of @nino_minagawa on twitter, original tweet

February 12 2000: Cinderella Royal Ball

In celebration of Cinderella’s 50th Anniversary, the Disneyland Hotel held a Royal Ball. Disney fans dressed in tuxedos and formal gowns to celebrate the night. Disney legends that created Cinderella were in attendance, including the voice talents of Anastasia, Drizella and Cinderella herself. The voice actress’ recalled stories from their respective experiences in creating the 1950 feature film.

On February 12 2001, Ilene Woods—original voice actress for Cinderella—appeared at the Cinderella Ball at Disneyland to celebrate the anniversary once again.