YM CHAT <Like Trowa & Quatre>
  • Airiz (cinderellaincombatboots): Gads, that's amazing
  • Me: LOL rly? You should listen to me live, I sound like a noob
  • Airiz: I'm serious! It's beautiful. Like, I can hear your soul in your music.
  • Airiz: CHEESE! Haha. But I'm serious. That's one nasty harmonica. Better than those mamang musikero's who go house to house during fiesta here. Know them? Leron-leron Sinta's always the song haha.
  • Me: You're flattering me.
  • Me: You're the first person who told me that. My cousin told me I sound terrible. She's good at playing the flute.
  • Airiz: No. Bet your cousin doesn't have much of an ear. And everyone is good at playing the flute at third grade. :p You're awesome.
  • Me: At third grade? Did you study at a music school?
  • Airiz: I thought you're from BOES? Everybody's required to learn to play the recorder when you enter Dr. Mactal's class.
  • Me: Yeah I'm from there, but I studied under Mr.Luyon. :( We just fucking SANG all the time.
  • Me: But thank you anyway! You're my musical heteroheroine! <3
  • Me: Oh wait
  • Me: You're gay
  • Airiz: Hahahahaha. ewan ko sayo! XD
  • Me: You should play Pietro and I'll play my harmonica.
  • Airiz: haha
  • Me: And we can be Trowa and Quatre together
  • Airiz: ahahahhaha!
  • Me: Les yay version
  • Airiz: OMG
  • Me: fuck, you even sound like Quatre. 'I CAN HEAR UR SOUL IN UR MUSIC' bwahaha
  • Airiz: I hate you haha
  • Me: Come on let our souls talk to each other hmmmm
Doodles on tees

Airiz, I just read this! Oh, my! I want you to know that ever since I found your Book Tumblr and, eventually, your other online havens, you make my day every time I read your posts. I’m a fan of your writing and your doodles. Your reviews made me start reading Murakami and I am forever grateful for that. (BTW, I started reading Gaiman, but I’m afraid my first book of him was not the right choice. I guess I should have asked you first, eh? :D) Thank you so much!

Oh, yeah. The shirts! I love them! If I could wear them every day I would, seriously! I seldom visit Manila, but when I do, in the future, and if we ever encounter each other, I hope I’m wearing one of the shirts. Again, thank you!