Valentine’s Day: My OTPs

-By Rose, ISFJ Mod.

Since I’m not creative at all, I couldn’t think of any different post to write for today, so I followed my fellow mods’ examples:

Branch and Poppy, DreamWorks Trolls (ISTJ + ESFJ)

She’s endlessly optimistic while he’s a grumpy pessimist, they learn to overcome their differences to rescue their friends and realize they like each other more than they initially thought. She’s carefree, caring and affectionate; he’s deep, quietly loving and encouraging. He would do anything for her; she loves him with all her heart.

Ella and Kit, Cinderella (2015) (ISFJ + INFP)

I think this might be my favorite type combination in a pairing. She’s kind and humble, while he’s courageous and devoted to his kingdom. He looks to her for guidance because he knows she always strives for the best for everyone around her, both look up to their parents and appreciate family.

Alice Kingsleigh and Tarrant Hightopp (the Mad Hatter), Alice in Wonderland (2010) (ISFJ + ESFJ)

I normally prefer to see them as friends but I’m open to interpreting their relationship as romantic. They’re remarkably similar but she’s more grounded than him and regularly keeps him in track so he doesn’t let his madness get the best of him. They’re very supportive of each other and would do anything for the other, not to mention they understand each other perfectly due to their shared madness.

Marius Pontmercy and Cosette Fauchelevent, Les Misérables (INFP + ISFJ)

Like Kitella, he’s passionate and sentimental while she’s helpful and compassionate; both are brave at heart. He’s more concerned with his inner emotions and principles and she’s about the people around her, especially her daddy and her appearance but that doesn’t make her superficial at all, she just realized her daddy’s taste for clothes wasn’t the best and that she wasn’t as plain looking as she thought. Both are devoted to their parents, embodying what they would have wanted them to become.

I must retype Settie as an ISFJ soon, she clearly is one in the book.

Belle and Beast (Prince Adam), Beauty and the Beast (ISFJ + ESTP)

Tale as old as time, the most charming romance of all. She’s inquisitive, quick to judge but understanding while he’s impulsive but rational. They improve and balance each other as they learn not to judge before knowing the other person fully. When Belle is able to reach his Fe, he beings to warm up to her and they can finally connect and realize why they were wrong.

Simon Seville and Jeanette Miller, Alvin and the Chipmunks (INTP + ISFJ)

They’re both incredibly smart and intellectual kids who bond over their love for knowledge and their shared brash siblings (Alvin and Brittany) they both have to deal with. Simon is more logical, impersonal and assertive than Jeanette, and she’s sweeter, gentler and shier; both can learn a good deal from each other and it can help their relationship to develop as they grow older.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson, How to Train Your Dragon (INTP + ISTJ)

They’re the perfect battle couple: she’s got the brawns, he’s got the brains, there’s nothing that can stop them. She’s strong, confident and a bit bossy while he’s introspective, reflective and analytical. She helps him make his innovative ideas a reality with her hard work and efficiency while also supporting him at all times.

Excuse the amount of ISFJs, I tend to like pairings with my type.

modern disney headcanons (?)

this started as modern disney princesses headcanons post, then somehow switched to modern disney relationships headcanons and then I started writing alladin fanfiction in my head. I do realize they are really long, and more like one shots than headcanons but anyway, enjoy. And let me know if you want any more headcanons or some specifically. 

Mulan x Shang                                      

They are one of these fit couples instagram shows you when you are in a middle of eating a box of ice cream. Shang used to be in the army, but now he is a personal trainer, known for hard discipline but also great guidance. Mulan works with children/teenagers as a PE teacher or physiotherapist or maybe a karate instructor. 

bonus1: Mushu is Mulan’s lizard, and is very jealous of Shang. 

bonus 2: One time when Mulan is out of town Mushu gets sick and Shang has to take him to the vet. He feels very weird in a waiting room, because 1) he is the only one with a lizard wrapped in a blanket 2) said lizard keeps trying to bite him and makes loud noises. Until a guy with a chameleon in a box comes in - said chameleon seems to hate the guy as much as Mushu hates Shang. 

bonus 3: the guy with a chameleon is Eugene, him and Shang actually become friends when  Pascal and Mushu escape their humans, and all four of them are thrown out of an animal clinic.

Alladin x Jasmine 

Jasmine comes from a rich family and is a lawyer. Her and Alladin meet when she visits agrabbah and gets in trouble because of some language misunderstanding with a salesman. He helps her and she invites him for a coffee. They talk and he offers to show her the city. Jasmine actually sees the harsh reality of poor people, including children. After a few days she goes back home, previously taken Alladin’s number. He is more than surprised when a couple weeks later she calls, saying that she is in Agrabbah again. When they meet she reveals who she actually is, and says that since she left she was actually setting up a charity to help those in need in the city. Jasmine asks him to work in the charity. they start working together and become well known activists for children rights ( and a power couple).

bonus 1: Alladin is 3 years younger than Jasmine.

bonus 2: When they are ready for children they adopt a 3 year old girl, then twins - a boy and a girl.

Cinderella x Prince Charming

Cinderella is a beginning fashion designer. Her godmother, Helen Fairy agrees to help her by featuring one of Cinderella’s designs on her fashion show. In the last minute it turns out that the model who is supposed to present the dress won’t come. Cinderella decides to wear the outfit herself, but she doesn’t really consider how damn difficult it is to walk in these high heels. She falls on the runway and loses on of the shoes. She steps out of the view as soon as she can, with only one shoe, but she does it as gracefully as she can. In the backstage she breaks to tears, sure that her career is broken. But it turns out that she caught someone’s attention - Regina, CEO of StepEvil offers her a deal. After Regina’s departure Cinderella is drunk with hapiness, and that’s when David Charming, a journalist who attended the show returns the shoe to her. He holds the high heel awkwardly in his hand when she tears up and he is like ‘’it is just a shoe and you have it back now, don’t cry, why are you crying, are you okay?’’ and she just hugs him, still crying and than she is embarassed and starts mumbling and somehow she asks him out. He says yes. 

bonus; on their wedding day she wears flat shoes.


The Prince Eric & Cinderella -Lily James & Jai Courtney

And Cinderella went to Prince Eric’s dance, leader of the Dauntless.
The silent herald could not even announce her presence. For her crystal shoes slipped down the stairs like light rose petals of roses.

Cinderella greeted Eric from the stairs courteously.

The cruel prince Eric was tired of receiving hundreds of maidens who came to ask for his hand, but when she arrived, even though he wanted to scream in her face how much her presence angered him, he was tired of being displayed as a trophy of war of his father, the king, could not avoid to admire the sweet expression of Cinderella.

She had a magical effect on him. Beside her, the Eric´s  cruelty simply did not disappear but fell asleep. Cinderella knew it when he approached her as hypnotized & touched her hand. 

Then the music enveloped them both.
They danced more than three pieces, missing Eric’s blue eyes in Cinderella’s brown eyes, as if to embrace them.

But the one he hugged and kissed passionately went to her, as he dragged her to the great chamber next door and held her fiercely,  while Cinderella felt  as her  china skin melted at each kiss of Eric’s soft lips.

Only the clock stopped their ecstasy, when the twelve bells rang. Cinderella in the broken dress left, ignoring Eric’s pleas:
“Wait, wait, where can I find you?”

Only a glass shoe remained on the stairs, which Eric picked up.
By royal edict all the young men of the kingdom appeared before the prince, who finally found Cinderella.
When he tried on the shoe, they both knew. Cinderella smiled happily.
He never thought that such happiness was possible.