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Everyone’s talking about all these new fandoms and “Awww Look at how he looks at her! True Love!”

When they Should be geeking out about This. 

Look at his face.

Look how much he Loves her. 

Bolin totally learned his utterly-in-love face from the Baker.

who’s name is now Bobby and who is the most down to earth Disney character Ever. 

I Have Spoken.

….also screencap was found here

Pre-Marathon Rating - 5/10

Post-Viewing Rating - 7/10

Reason for Change - I’d never actually seen all three.

Comments - They’re actually really nice. I never knew there was a third one (which was strange, but gave a nice twist). But I did used to have the second on Video.

Favourite Song - ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’

                   II  - 'The World Is Looking Up To You’

                   III - 'More Than A Dream’

Favourite Quote - “Salagadoola magicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.”

                     II  - “You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

                     III - Stepmother : “Oh, a stick.”
                         Drizella: “Let’s beat her with it.”

Favourite Moment - The mice making Cinderella’s first dress.

                        II  - Anastasia and the Baker.

                        III - Prince Charming jumping out the window

I can’t stop watching this movie. Only certain Disney sequels work for me and this is one of then. I think I like it because Disney sequels usually mean only one thing for the characters: A postponement of happily ever after. This one however depicts life in the castle with Cinderella and her adjusting to her new duties.