cinderella x snow white

When you finish Winter of the Lunar Chronicles you feel like

but then you realize the series is over

but you think about it…. and you’re ok because it brought so many feels and wonderfulness

Taisho x Alice: The World of Taisho x Alice

Clean/textless version of the cover for the PSVita release “Taisho Alice ~all in one~” which ported all four games into one. I think the overall illustration does a very good job of giving you a feel for what the game is like: inspired by multiple fairy tales but above all, mostly drawing from “Alice in Wonderland”. Lots of choices for routes here! 

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Disney Couples Zodiac Signs

Snow White (Cancer) x Prince (Taurus)

Cinderella (Pisces) x Prince (Capricorn)

Aurora (Libra) x Philip (Leo)

Ariel (Taurus) x Eric (Sagittarius)

Belle (Gemini) x Adam (Cancer)

Aladdin (Gemini) x Jasmine (Sagittarius)

Li Shang (Aries) x Mulan (Aquarius)

Pocachontas (Scorpio) x John Smith (Virgo)

Naveen (Capricorn) x Tiana (Virgo)

Rapunzel (Pisces) x Flynn Rider (Scorpio)

Anna (Libra) x Kristoff (Aquarius)

Diabolik Lovers Fairy tale AU [1/6]

I want to draw Yui with each of the Sakamaki guys. (•ᴗ•)❤

✔️Ayato x Yui - Rapunzel
✖️Kanato x Yui - Thumbelina
✖️Laito x Yui - The Little Mermaid
✖️Shū x Yui - Sleeping Beauty
✖️Reiji x Yui - Cinderella
✖️Subaru x Yui - Snow White


Ships I Ship: Once Upon A Time couples (With Wonderland. I have shipped everyone with Emma haha.)

How Once Upon a Time Series Should End

The series started with Emma’s lonely 28th birthday.

But what if it ends on Emma’s 30-something birthday.

Whether it be a big party at Granny’s

Or a royal ball at Snow and Charming’s castle with everyone from Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forrest. 

Then, like the Disney’s Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, it ends with the Once Upon a Time book capturing that moment and placing it in the book. As the book slowly closes it says “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Then we hear Rumplestilskin’s laugh when it fades to black and he says, “Well, sort of.” (or something like that)

“Standby Me”

I’ve gone back and forth and called this series a few different things but I’ve decided to officially call it “Standby Me” referencing both their friendships and the name of the line if you don’t have fast pass. Someone requested a wallpaper with all three pairs so far so here’s something at 1280 x 720p :)

The War Of The Fairytale Princesses - Shadowhunters (Jace Wayland)

Pairing: Jace x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Hi, can you do a imagine for Jace Wyland (from the show) when I saw Dominic playing him I feel in love, well the imagine be that you 2 are very sarcastic and have a little fight and Simon and the group make a comment about it. Thanks if you do this imagine

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you like it anon, ENJOY! (and I might have been in the middle of Cinderella (2015) when I wrote this…maybe…)

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*gif not mine*

«Did Cinderella finally decide to join the ball?» Jace commented from his spot by the wall, where he stood leaning against it, a book in his hand.   

«Yes, because I thought there was a beautiful prince here, but it seems I was wrong,» You dryly replied, not being enough awake yet to come up with anything better than that. 

 «Did you loose your ability to see beautiful things as well in that sleep of yours?» He grinned, knowing you were not in the mood for your usual banter. 

«You must be confusing me with Sleeping Beauty or Snow White dear, for Cinderella only lost her shoe.» Keeping your head high, you were pretty proud of that one, despite your state of mind at the moment. 

 «Ah, so you would rather be the forgetful one, than being the one who looks beautiful in her sleep?» 

 «Why not, at least she knows when to run away from a guy who does not deserve her attention.» 

«As I remember, she ended up with the guy anyway.» You two continued to shoot back at each other, keeping everything within the fairytale world, and you had to say; it surprised you that Jace even knew the name and story of all these princesses, for no one before had matched your skill in this. 

 «I’m sure not even the snow queen would have wanted someone as cold as you by her side.» You snapped, your anger growing by the minute. 

Somewhere between your sarcastic remarks it all had turned into a full blown fight and you were standing chest to chest with Jace, fuming with anger.

 «Oh, just go get married already?» Sharply you both turned to look at the source of the voice, Simon. 

 «Shut up.» You both snapped in union, before both of you went back to your war of the best remarks, but because of Simon’s remark, you weren’t fighting anymore, just throwing innocent remarks at each other. 

And maybe, just maybe, they were a bit more flirtatious as well.  

RP Muse Masterlist

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POC Representation in Disney

After following ‘This Could Have Been Frozen’ blog for awhile I realized there was something I didn’t quite agreed with. I think that the race bent pictures they promote were often cool and full of designs I wish were true. But there is something about the way they promoted Disney as racist that didn’t settle well with me. Now, we all know that Disney used to be racist. Walt Disney himself was probably a racist. But one has to remember Disney existed during a time when being racist was regrettably acceptable in America and in its media. In turn, this allowed a successful company to create things such as Song of the South and Dumbo’s black crows. However if we take their past into count then we are essentially saying that no one can change, that no company can see the error of their ways and reinvent themselves into a respectable company. Disney has done that and I am here to argue this. 

For the sake of this argument, I am removing the princesses and all movies that came out before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Before this act came to be, blacks did not have equal rights. By this extension it allowed Hollywood to create horribly racist things and this argument is about how Disney of today is does often represent poc. As of this moment the Princesses of Frozen have not been inducted as official Princesses and will not be counted in the roster. But they will be counted later on when we look at the more broad view of modern Disney.

Now looking at this photo and disqualifying the princesses from the pre-1964 era, Disney’s true colors, I believe, begin to shine threw. Now there are four (counting Merida) official white princesses on the roster, meanwhile there are four POC princesses. When the Disney Princess line was originally unveiled the roster was: Snow White(x), Aurora(x), Cinderella(x), Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. Not counting the pre-1964 princesses we have equality between white and poc princesses when the Disney Line launched. Why is this? Because Disney was on it’s way to being more equal with its movies. And to create a line of Disney Princesses, they had to rely on their pre-1964 princesses as well.

Since then, the Disney Princess line has expanded; and like I noted we have added two white princesses. Meanwhile Disney added two new poc princesses: Mulan and Tania. Disney is clearly trying keep things pretty equal during the modern age where black people are not treated like pound scum. If two or one princesses from Frozen is inducted (I believe it will be one because Elsa is a queen) the equality will be broken. But I believe it is safe to assume that Disney would in the near future create another poc princess to even out the score because Disney is working towards equally representing white people and poc. And it is shown in their past. 

Now I’m not going to argue if Walt Disney himself was a racist, but I honestly believe he was a product of his time. Notably oddly, the very first Disney movie released after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, was a movie featuring Disney’s first poc main character: Mowgli. It was also the last full length feature film that Walt Disney himself would work on before his death. And it is the last movie Disney would make before we entered Disney’s almost non-stop, perpetual furry phase which I am not counting in this discussion because they are animals and do not represent humans. However by releasing The Jungle Book isn’t that speaking for itself right there? The times changed and Disney began to change as well by animating a beloved story featuring a poc main character.

From this point on, I will like to note that I will not be counting movies that were developed by another studio e.g Pixar. Why? Because if I have to count Pixar movie’s as Disney movies then I have to count the next Star Wars movies as Disney as well. Pixar is it’s own identity and Disney even treats it as so. Case and point, Kingdom Hearts is a fusion of Disney and Final Fantasy. Now name the Pixar character in Kingdom Hearts. Can’t? Well it’s because Pixar is NOT Disney. In the same breath I will not be counting Disney Animated Studios because I really don’t want to sift through the pile of garbage sequels they produced and my arguments are based the main feature films of Disney.

After almost twenty years of non-stop furry films (minus the huge flop of a film The Black Cauldron) we finally reach the first Disney Princess movie since Sleeping Beauty in the form of The Little Mermaid. It is a success and Disney goes on to create two more Disney films The Rescuers Down Under and Beauty and the Beast. Both have white characters, but Disney began to change things up with the creation of Aladdin. There are absolutely no white characters, and minus of Abu and Iago, it is full humanoid cast of characters and all are poc. (Not sure what to categorize Genie and Carpet) This is a big step up from The Jungle Book where Mowgli is our first poc main character but is supported by an all animal cast. 

The next movie, and probably number one fan favorite, The Lion King was steeped in African culture. Because of this quality and despite the fact it’s an animal cast, The Lion King deserves a poc nod. And it’s counter part on Broadway, I believe, was performed by all black actors as well. Disney then goes on to make Pocahontas where we get another poc princess from. Disney’s momentum didn’t stop here and next we get a movie where the good guys are Gypsies. Let me tell you something guys, there are a lot less poc groups nowadays that are stigmatized as they were before. Gypsies on the other hand are still considered/treated horribly within Europe and I am sure across the world. So by showcasing a charismatic, sexy-goddess Esmeralda, Disney was really doing a great thing here. These people are considered as thieves, dirty, and untrustworthy. But Disney, for the most part, hammered those stereotypes in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Next Disney creates Hercules which is an odd synthesis of Greek Mythology and Black Choir themed music. So even though Hercules is an all white/orange cast of people I have to count it because it immersing the movie with a poc culture. Then they create Mulan and pure poc movie and yet another poc princess. Disney releases Tarzan which is white, and is followed by Fantasia and Dinosaurs which are not counted as white nor poc. Next up is The Emperor’s New Groove, yet another poc movie; followed by Atlantis which I guess people who lived in Atlantis were poc which makes yet another movie towards our poc movie count. Lilo and Stitch is yet another poc movie, then Treasure Planet that is not. However we then get Brother Bear which does have poc cast before we’re all about bears. Home on the Range is about animals and so is Chicken Little so neither count. Meet the Robinson’s doesn’t have any poc from what I know (never saw the movie) and neither does Bolt I am guessing. 

Then comes Princess and the Frog where we get our last poc princess inductee before we get our inductees for Tangled and Brave. Noted a non poc Wreck it Ralph is also made. 

And now we are at Frozen, our latest Disney movie. So how does Disney hold up? Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 we have roughly twelve movies with either poc representation or culture. Surely that means Disney created dozens of white only movies. Well… no they did not. There are less than ten purely white Disney films since 1964. Remember I am not counting animal movies, mind you, no pre 1964 movies because this is about their representation abilities in modern times. 

So honestly, if we are really going to bitch about Disney it cannot be on poc representation. It really cannot. Disney, more than any other animation studio, has worked to give poc representation. And for what? To have movies that they decide to have a white cast torn a part because one of the main characters is not poc? I believe this is ridiculous, especially when this company has already tried very hard to create a more broad spectrum of Disney casts. I realize that the media needs to do more representation of poc. However, America is far too concerned on skin color for my tastes, and maybe it is rightly so idk. But, if we are going to have this conversation about representation, then wouldn’t it behoove this community to pick the correct battles and not the battles that have essentially been won? I would think so.