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Do you have a list of all Camila's songs?

Cozy dolla bills
Only told the moon

I know what you did last summer
Bad things
Love incredible
Know no better

I have questions
Crying in the club
I know you (unreleased)
A good reason to go (unreleased)
The boy
Scar Tissue

Top hits:
Put the peck on
Deep dish pizza
Llama llama

Rainy Days Special Campaign

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Real name: Moxie

Nicknames: Mox, Mox in a Box, asshole, lemony thot

Sexuality: bisexual I guess

Preferred pronouns: she/they

Are you a morning person?: what the fuck is a morning

When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?: ocean bc I aint gettin no naegleria fowleri from my stupidity hell no

Anyone you would like to meet in real life?: my entire fucking squad @bdkakyoin @hairnado-deluxe @1980s-edgelord @lizarddogdiegobrando @aerosight @sendos @lovers-steel @cinderella-esque and most likely everybody following this damn hellblog

Anyone you have met in real life?: fuck I wish.

When did you first join? How old is your current account?: a little over two years. March 24th 2015 was my join date. Lots of cringy shit at first but I’ve gotten much better.

Any peeves?: smacking, staring at me, chewing with your mouth open, when people leave a little sliver of door open and you havw to get up and close it yourself.

Unpopular opinion: i dont know whats considered an unpopular opinion kskroekr

Do you easily get jealous?: yes

Do you easily get angry?: yES

Are you easy to cheer up?: on occasion like just send me cute cats i get sour a lot.

What’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: sending spoilers for a good game like I’ll physically kick your ass.

What’s the most hurtful thing someone has done to you?: fuck I can’t pinpoint one thing since I’ve been on this hellsite for 2 years and ran a discourse blog for like half of last year and there were a LOT of shitty people like fuck.

Are you good at hiding your emotions?: hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaa no

What’s the very best way to cheer you up?: send me cats/talk about my oc with me


Are you currently in a relationship?: si

Do you currently have a crush on someone?: no

If yes, might that someone be reading this?: well our timezones are like extremely different so I doubt it but I’ll tag so they will! @einherji

Do you kiss on the first date?: fuck no who does that

Do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: HOME BITCH


Favorite drink: Cherry pepsi get on my level

Favorite food: popcorn, velveeta mac and cheese shells, animal jerky, haRVEST CHEDDAR SUN CHIPS

Most calming place?: MY ROOM

Most stressful place?: school

Most prized possession?: a baby blanket


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Hi! I just recently got into midnight cinderella (found out about it yesterday lol) and I was wondering if you can tell me why Albert wasn't a suitor choice for the beginning and when he'll be available for the user

Hi Anon!! Nice to meet you (even if anon)! Welcome to the fandom and MidCin Universe!! yay!!

When Cybird first released MidCin only three suitors were available. In time they released more routes, though not very consistent, Cybird did their best! (love them!)

Now, only Albert’s and the new suitor’s (Rayvis Harneit *cough Spyro’s husband cough*) routes are left. 

Cybird made a post on Tumblr some time ago, that Albert’s route will be released this summer. If you are interested in Albert, until that will happen, you can learn more about him in Byron’s and Nico’s routes. 

How do you find Midnight Cinderella so far? I must tell you, once you will fall for a suitor, you will get addicted, MidCin will become a big part of your life, it will consume your time and money, but it will also make you incredibly happy! 

Hope you will join our fandom, don’t hesitate to ask us (everyone in the fandom is very nice) or message us! We are all happy to help and chat about our love for midcin. 

  • Kdrama: "Let's go on a trip"
  • Translation: "This is the last time you will see us happy so enjoy"

-katherine henson

general li mulan

okay so i LOVE mulan okay. as far as i’m concerned it’s a Perfect Movie and doesn’t need any fixing. but i was thinking today and -

- what if mulan didn’t go to war to save her father?

say her father is dead, okay, killed by the previous war. so she’s raised by her mother and grandmother, women who’s complacency and softness has been worn away by necessity. she needs to marry well, for her family’s sake, because her mother has refused the hand of every man who offered. but mulan is even more rough around the edges than before, is educated not only in books (her mother said men wouldn’t find smarts attractive and grandmother pointed out that men aren’t always around and off to school mulan went) but in the sword too, taught to her by her classmate, ping.

mulan is considered in the lower end of the upper class, coming from a family of military men and scholars and successful merchants. ping is near the top, the son or nephew of an advisor to the emperor. his family is very rich and very important, and the reason they become friends is because mulan manages to notice something about him that he’s been hiding from everyone else - he’s going blind.

not totally blind, enough to get around, but blind enough that reading is difficult and swordplay is even worse, although once he has it down he has it. ping is no fool, he’s not weak or bumbling. his eyes just don’t work. so mulan notices and confronts him about it. she promises to keep it a secret, and hey, she’ll even help him with his assignments by reading the books out loud and helping him study. but in return he must teach her the sword, must teach her about military and tactics. he agrees.

ping and mulan become very good friends and there’s some raised eyebrows about it but they are TOO far away in class for it to be inappropriate, so they make tutting sounds and disapproving faces and let it go.

then the draft happens. ping can’t go to war, he won’t survive it. not with his eyesight like it is. so mulan offers him a deal - she’ll go to war for him, in his place. in return, if she survives, he must marry her. if she dies he must take care of her family.

ping can’t make this kind of family decision on his own, so he goes to his mother and tells her everything, about the eyesight and how he’ll die if he goes and mulan’s offer. his mother says he must keep it a secret from his father, but agrees - if mulan fights in her son’s place and survives, a wedding will be arranged. either way, mulan’s family will be taken care of. ping will be sent to live with some cousins in the meanwhile.

“you’re not in love with me, are you?” ping asks, helping mulan saddle her horse in the middle of the night. she scoffs and rolls her eyes, “not even a little. but marrying you will make my family happy, and besides, you’re my best friend,” she says, smiling, “better you than some grabby old man.” he smiles and hugs her and says, “i’m not in love with you either. but don’t die out there. we have a wedding to plan.”

so mulan goes to the camp, pretending to be ping, and she’s a little bit less lost but things still go as they go. she’s educated and trained, so it’s not hard for her to pass as ping. shang is keeping a special eye on her, thinking that she’s the son of an advisor, one of his father’s friends. and he sees how easily she excels, how quick thinking and smart she is, and starts giving her more and more responsibilities. by the time they’re called out, shang considers ping ie mulan to be his right hand man, and possibly his best friend.

he’s also a little bit in love with ping, and he’s long known he’s attracted to both genders, so he watches ping laugh and smile and the crease between his eyes when he frowns and does his best to let his feelings chase away the best soldier he has. every time shang looks at ping his heart clenches and he things to himself: i wish i could have you, i wish this was a time and a place where one man could have another, i wish you were a girl, is wish i was a girl - i wish we could be together. he’s literally a step away from doodling ‘li ping’ with little hearts over his battle plans. 

so the battles happen. shang and ping lead their men together, respected and loved. they each get promoted, and promoted, and promoted. it’s been years, and it comes to a point where they’re both generals in their own right. they trust each other, care for each other. and are both secretly in love with the other.

mulan is so conflicted. because she wants this war to end and to go home and settle back into life and become ping’s wife, so she can have an easy life spent studying and learning with her family taken care of. that’s what she’d wanted. but now what she wants is shang, her best friend, her brother in arms, her fellow general. she wishes to be everything to him, aches to be the woman on his arm and in his bed, but knows it’s the one thing she can never be.

then that final battle happens. mulan’s quick thinking saves them all and ends the war - but she’s injured.

shang finds out the ping has been a girl all along. he demands explanations - so she tells him everything, that she traded places with ping to save him, to become his wife.

and the lies should sting the sharpest, but they don’t. she’s still the same person, after all. it’s that she’s promised to another man, for one second he’d thought he might have her, but no. so he agrees not to reveal her but he’s furious and furious at himself for being furious and they’re not the same now, broken and splintered and neither of them know what to do.

the war is over. they leave. mulan returns home, and thanks to her ping is now known as a respected general. she’s done her part and survived, and now she gets her reward - ping’s hand in marriage.

but she sees ping for the first time and flings herself into his arms and starts crying. she tells him everything, because he’s still her friend, her very best friend besides shang, the man whom she lied to and betrayed and loves. and ping listens and takes her by the shoulders and says - i’ll uphold our bargain, if that’s what you want. you can be my pampered wife, you’ve more than earned it. but if you want to go to shang, i won’t blame you. you deserve your happiness.

and mulan goes back and forth, but ultimately she decides she has to try. if shang rejects her she’ll return and marry ping and uphold her family honor. but if shang wants her - he’s not as high up as ping, but he’s high up enough to satisfy her family, and also she would love him and want him if he was no more than a farming peasant so it doesn’t matter much anyway.

she rides to the capitol. she finally meets ping’s father, running into him while looking for shang. “ah mulan,” says this man who was never supposed to know of her until she became his daughter-in-law, “i didn’t expect to see you here. how fortuitous. walk with me.” she does, wary, and that’s how she discovers - he and the emperor had discovered her deception a year in, but at that point she’d already proven herself too skilled and valuable to lose. he tells her that he will uphold his son and wife’s deal and gladly welcome her to his household - but that she’s earned her rank as general, and that he and the emperor have no problem with letting her keep it.

she says thank you, shocked and joyful, but that she has to talk to someone first. “ah, yes, young general li,” he says, eyes twinkling, “i do believe he’s around here somewhere.”

she has no idea how he seems to know everything, but she finally tracks down shang who’s ecstatic to see her and hates himself for it. she confesses - says she loves him, that she’s engaged to ping but willing and able to break this engagement for shang. who is dumbfounded and elated and says yes, of course, finally and forever.

and mulan accepts her rank and marries shang, and they become the literal power battle couple of the general li mulan and general li shang. ping becomes a scholar and marries a very nice young woman who loves reading and is happy to read aloud to her husband with his failing eyes.

and they all live happily ever after.


A commission for @lucycamui
An amazing Cinderella AU fan fic! :D

“Prince Victor, I am asking you to dance.”
“It’s raining,” Victor objected, even as he drew closer to the line separating the dry stone that he stood on and the wet ground beneath Yuuri.
Rain fell onto Yuuri. Onto his hair, his face, his shoulders, his clothing, onto the hand he held outstretched in offer.
Then, rain fell onto Victor.

Find this awesome fic here! :DDD


This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will take, to be seen as we truly are.


Happy Birthday QUEEN Cate Blancehtt (May 14th, 1969) 

I’ve always said this about Cate as an actress, ever since seeing her in ‘Electra‘ in her last year of drama school (at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art): She has that ability to be extrememly forthright and powerful and vulnerable, all within a flickering moment. That combination could earmark her for greatness. - Geoffrey Rush

Where Did All the Fairy Godmothers Go?

It happened so slowly, most didn’t even realise it was happening.

The disappearance of the Fairy Godmothers.

Nobody knows where they went, but then again nobody bothered to ask. It seemed as though they’d always been there, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that no-one asked where they went until it was too late to get an answer. 

After all, the world was a big place and growing bigger every year. There were so many people. More than when the Fairy Godmother’s had first appeared.

More people than they ever hope could help. 

Magic could only do so much when they were so vastly outnumbered.

What was once commonplace became a lottery of sorts. Who would be amongst those lucky enough to meet a Fairy Godmother? To have all their dreams come true? Their problems solved? Who were the haves and who were the have-nots?

It didn’t matter how good a person was, all that mattered was being in the right place at the right time, crying the right amount of tears.

Really, it was inevitable that the backlash against Fairy Godmothers would rise over time, as the world grew bigger and fewer people got a chance at a magical happily ever after.

People always want a quick fix for their problems.

Yet, in the midst of the uproar, the anger, the envy, people forgot that Fairy Godmothers were people too. Of course, they weren’t entirely human, so it was easy to strip them of said humanity, to see them as these beacons of fate, handing out happily-ever-afters on a whim and leaving the rest of the population to rot.

It was easy to forget the fairies who had raised their children in secret.

Easy to forget the ones who loved and watched over the orphaned ones, as though they were their own.

Easy to forget the ones who protected them against the darker forces in the world, as well as those who wielded them.

Until, one day, people began to notice that it had been weeks since they’d spotted the familiar flutters of sparkling wings. There were no whispers of magical happenings at peoples’ doors, no rumours to spread. Cries for help went unanswered for everyone. It seemed at last that the world was equal- at least in terms of those hated magical shortcuts.

Some celebrated a return to fairness, others felt stabs of guilt at having pushed an entire group of beings into hiding. A few hoped they’d come back if only to help those less fortunate- who now seemed to be suffering more than ever in the fairies absence.

(There were certain murmurs among the younger folk, those who had been too small to ever be graced by fairies power, about how vocal those in positions of power had been in their hatred for the Fairy Godmothers. But those criticisms were quickly squashed by those who were louder, older, angrier.)

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and soon Fairy Godmothers were a distant memory. They became nothing more than stories to tell dazzled children, all with the understanding that Fairy Godmothers weren’t real- that if their children wanted a happily ever after, they would have to earn it like their forefathers before them.

Fairy Godmothers didn’t exist.

And their children would just have to accept that and move on.