cinderella academy

A Walt Disney Academy Scene
  • Cinderella: *making it very obvious she has a thing for Charming without actually saying out loud that she has a thing for Charming*
  • Judy: Aw, she's in love with the prince!
  • Nick: She just met him.
  • Judy: *scoffs* Come on Nick don't you know anything about romance?
  • Nick: Course I do I'm passionate about it.
  • Judy: Really?
  • Nick: Don't you know anything about sarcasm?



literally the characters are my children

Rose: precious klutz and obsessed over anything that has to do w/ fairy tales but is still savage af without trying- plus she’s got cute shoes and face so I was sold first glance

Astoria: The over bearing mom figure of the five, the classy and over achiever but she’s still my favourite hot mess. Her hair does cool shit.

Joy: don’t underestimate this bean bc she might not be bright but she knows a thing or two about class and good taste in men (and frogs!) she’s also adorable js

Hawk: The try hard pretty boy who is constantly being bombarded by his grandma with various princesses and brides to be but we all know he wants Rose to be his choice but his grandma hates her so wow he’s just gonna play hero until then

Travis: basically Nathanael from Miraculous Ladybug, pure, shy, artsy, tries to be cool but isn’t, but his grampa wants him to be a fighter not a lover and it triggers him so much that he has FURY MAGIC

Vicky: can’t have a show w/o an antagonist and Vicky at least has brains and better comebacks than most. She’s also independent and DONT NEED NO PRINCE CHARMING #blessed

LingLing: still can’t get over her name oMG but she’s still precious and bADASS AF LIKE SHE IS SO BOLD AND CONFIDENT LIKE WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE LINGLING HONESTLY SHES A GODDESS


okay but seriously this is the show

watch it

It’s great


I don’t think I am considered a Hollywood star. I have sometimes been told ‘you are on the verge of stardom’, and it amuses me. My professional choices are not those of a star: I am still intrigued by atypical scripts and the idea exploring unknown grounds excite me as much as ever. Thus, I have a predilection for characters that lose themselves; I always look for the flaw, the accident, the vice. As for my private life, it is not gossip material. I have been married to the same man for ten years and I have no taste for exhibitionism. There is no scandal in my life. As a result I am left alone, which make me extremely happy: anonymity fits me perfectly.

The Turnabout

Nico as a half vampire, half human. Turning from Day Class to Night Class.

I started this drawing back in June and only managed to finish it in October. I thought it was appropriate to give it a split of ink, since- Inktober. But that was my intention already when I started it. I like to think the black is fire as well as darkness enveloping him while he turns to the night side.

You can see the Midnight Cross AU’s stories and other drawings here.

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Favorite book: i don’t have a single fav book/series, so i’ll pick all of my favs. ACOTAR (series), TOG (series), Shatter Me (series), Chinese Cinderella,Red Queen, Vampire Academy (series), The Mortal Instruments (series), Divergent, all of Rick Riordan’s books, and soooooo many more. 

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Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: all. of. them. 

Cat or dog: i’m deadly afraid of all animals, but if i had to choose, i’d pick both.

Favorite fictional character: elide (tog), manon (tog), warner (shatter me), lucien (aco), cassian (aco), kenji (shatter me), helion (aco), and a gazillion more.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

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Louis, as part of my Midnight Cross Academy AU.

In this universe, all suitors would be students at a school similar to Vampire Knight’s Cross Academy, in which humans and vampires study together, but in different classes - day and night respectively. However, here both sides know that their class counterpart is of a different species, and most humans are vampire hunters.

Louis wasn’t hard to figure out, he looks just like a fantasy prince, and with all this fragile pale appearance, he was a must in the Night Class. Louis would be that solitary, kind vampire, who loathes humans and other vampires, but adores animals and nature - specially birds because of how free they are to fly even during day time.


Jack || Samurai Jack
Goofy || Disney
Beast || Beauty and the Beast
Millicent/Young Maleficent || Sleeping Beauty
Spider-Man || Marvel
Nightcrawler || X-Men
Rocket Raccoon and Groot || Guardians of the Galaxy
Prince Hans || Frozen
Lance || Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rose Cinderella || Regal Academy


Bruce Banner/Hulk || Avengers
Spring-Heeled Jack || Old urban legend-based OC
Edison the Mouse || OC
Malory, son of Maleficent || OC
Schmendrick || The Last Unicorn
James/Young Captain Hook || The Pirate Fairy
Bog King || Strange Magic
Arbutus || Aladdin the Series
Miyamoto Usagi || Usagi Yojimbo/TMNT 2012 based
Pitch Black || Rise of the Guardians


Martian Manhunter || Justice League: Action!/DC in general
The Monster || Frankenstein
Widowmaker/Amelie Lacroix || Overwatch
Tilo || Ghost of a Tale
Daffy Duck || Looney Tunes
Mrs. Brisby || The Secret of NIMH
Miyamoto Usagi again || Usagi Yojimbo/TMNT
Skeletor || Masters of the Universe
Lucy Westenra || Dracula
Sun Wukong || Monkey King: Hero is back

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If you’re a fan of; 


Doctor Who

The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices 

Vampire Academy/Bloodlines

Once Upon A Time

The Vampire Diaries (old not new) 

Cinderella/ Any Disney movie 

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