Fic: Professional

Silly drabble based off this post. Total fluff, ~580 words, G.

“Can you take a deep breath for me?”

Kurt complied, feeling a little silly. Blaine had insisted on giving him a home check-up after he complained of a sore throat and a stuffy nose, so he was sitting on the couch next to Blaine as he put him through his paces.

“I thought I talked you out of being a doctor,” he joked, breaking into a hacking cough afterward.

“I’m just making sure we don’t need to take you to a professional,” Blaine said, voice light but eyes full of concern. “That cough really doesn’t sound good.”

“It doesn’t particularly feel good, either,” Kurt muttered, giving one last weak cough. “God, did this really need to happen right before finals week?”

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