2nd Special Trailer for the upcoming iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage free-to-play smartphone rhythm game.

This trailer announces that the game will feature over 20 songs, including the anime’s second season opening, Shine!!, and over 50 idols with more songs and idols coming in the future.

fic: Lonely in Pink (1/3)

PG-13 | Angst | Humor | Romance | Age difference

Summary: Blaine is 27, a doctor with a three year old girl. Kurt is 18, fresh out of high school, with pink hair and combat boots. Equally drowning, they could both use a hand.

(as per usual, many thanks to notthetoothfairy)

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Part 1 – They Meet

Blaine watches Emmy for a moment to make sure she’s fallen asleep, before he turns his attention to the phone in his hand, eyes scanning the park and crowd around him quickly, as he unlocks the screen, scrolls through his apps and then stops, thumb hovering over the tinder logo.

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