Оказалось, что за “стенной” из  магазинчиков с едой находилась большая детская площадка. 

- Давай почувствуем себ детьми - только и успел сказать Джордж, сажая меня на качелю и уходя за спину. 

-Погоди - взвизгнула я,когда земля уже ушла из под ног. 

Посмеиваясь над моей реакцией, принц продолжил толкать качелю, иногда придерживая меня за спину и приятно улыбаясь. 

Cinderella “plot holes” I am tired of hearing about (updated and expanded)

  1. “Why didn’t her step family recognize her?” Because royal balls were basically the candle lit equivalent of clubbing in terms of both lighting and sheer numbers. Even if they were right next to her, they probably wouldn’t get a good look, especially since it would have started after sundown. Also, she was the help; they probably hadn’t looked at her in years.
  2. “Looking for someone based on their shoe size is stupid!” See above.
  3. “Was he going to have every size seven in the kingdom try the slipper on?” Prior to industrialization most garments were made by hand to fit the buyer’s measurements, including shoes. It’s why poor people only had one pair. It’s a lot smarter when you consider that they would’ve fit her like a glove.
  4. “You can’t run down stairs in heels!” I know this is a misconception resulting from historical revisionism and disneyfication, but high heels were not originally women’s shoes. They were worn by men. Women wore slippers, which were basically ballet flats.
  5. “Glass shoes don’t make any sense!” Okay first of all, it’s called the suspension of disbelief, and secondly, they’re gold in every other version but Perrault decided to change them to something else expensive that was considerably more flashy.
  6. “If the shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off?” I don’t know about you guys but I prefer my shoes to be removable.
  7. “She just went to the ball to find a man!” I know this isn’t a plot hole but listen. As the daughter of a widower Cinderella would’ve been running the household finances and acting as hostess if he hadn’t remarried. By demoting Cinderella to a servant, her step-mother essentially guaranteed that she would never escape the house, because the only way for her to escape and maintain her status was to marry well, and no one was going to marry a servant. It was essentially the historical equivalent of your mom stealing your college acceptance letters out of the mailbox.
  8. “Cinderella didn’t go to the ball to find a man! She just wanted a night off!” She went to the ball…… hosted at the palace…… to find the prince’s bride…. to just have some fun on the dance floor. Sure. Mhmm. All the socio economic reasons that her happy ending relied on a marriage had nothing to do with that. Okay. Seems legit.

Купив себе новую одежду, Джордж вытащил меня на улицу и повел в известном только ему одному направлении. 

- Ты чего такая молчаливая - закинув руку на мои плечи, Джордж поправляя свою нелепую шапку,весело улыбнулся - мой внешний вид тебя смущает? 

-Ни капли - ответила я, смотря на подпрыгивающий при каждом шаге помпон на конце его шапки. - тебе идет - тихо добавила я, сама не знаю зачем. 

-Подлецу,все к лицу - ухмыльнувшись,он повернулся в сторону закрытых киосков с едой и что то рассматривал. - Кстати, мы уже пришли. 

Глядя в туже сторону что и блондин, я видил лишь занесенную снегом лавочку. - Куда? 

Хмыкнув, Джордж слегка притянул меня к себе -Доверься мне - и щелкнув меня по носу, повел к небольшому расстоянию между киосками. 


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It really was like a dream. Better than a dream. Ella couldn’t wait to write down all that had happened, so that she might remember every single bit of it just as if she were telling her mother and father about the palace ball and her time with the prince.

Cinderella (2015)