Hi I found a new band.

This is a Cincy dance rock band called Vito Emmanuel.

Give them a listen if you like Matt & Kim, The Killers, fun., light shows, Passion Pit, dancing, synths, pianos, and that kinda stuff.

I stole this description from

Vito Emmanuel is not a traditional band. The idea behind V.E. is to spread good times and to entertain. Come to a show expecting lights, live effects, dancing on stage and off, glow sticks, smiles, bubbles being blown, balloons and beach balls, maybe some glitter, costumes and people feeling high on music, life and love!

This is their soundcloud

This is their facebook

And they also have some music on spotify

Oh oh and you can get a ~~free~~ download of one of their songs on their website (here)

Look how fun they look how could you resist

It seems like they’d be stellar live but I just started listening to them literally 2 days ago so I have yet to see them live.  They’re playing the Thompson House friday but I won’t be able to go because I’m already going to the Front Bottoms wednesday and Bad Veins saturday but I really, really want to aksdj.