cinco de mayo

Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt close to the cultures they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who don’t know the native language(s) at all or fluently and get shamed for it. Shout out to the mixed kids who were never really immersed in their family culture(s) and their for don’t know anything or very little about where they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who felt connected to one side of their culture than the other(s). Shout out to the mixed kids who get shamed for wearing or celebrating something unique to the culture(s) because they “don’t look like they’re from there/like that race”. Shout out to the mixed kids whose own family called them “fake”. Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt like they belonged.
—  To me and the “fake” mixed kids

I just wanted to make something as a small, brief reminder for anyone, that is non-Mexican, who is celebrating May 5th.

If you want to participate and have fun in another culture/societies events and holidays, know what you’re participating in and why it’s being celebrated. And always be respectful of the people. A culture is not a cake that you get to slice up and only enjoy bits of it. Ya gotta have the whole thing to experience it all!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful, safe Cinco de Mayo.

Dear people from the US:

I’ve never celebrated the 4th of July, not even once. It’s your independence day, a big important date, we are neighbor countries, but México didn’t participate in any way in it, it’s not our day to celebrate, we have nothing to do with that. 

So why are you still obsessed with celebrating a minor battle of México? and don’t get me wrong, is not the fact that you would, for some unknown and strange reason, wanna “celebrate” this battle, the problem fellow americans, is how yo do it and the implications of your hypocrisy. 

You dress up in a sombrero, a poncho and a mustache, yes, we do have sombreros and ponchos in México, the thing is, that’s the only way you have to represent mexicans, sombreros, mustaches, ponchos and donkey piñatas, because you see us like that, sombrerudos with mustaches, riding donkeys and wearing ponchos, because you don’t have any respect for our culture, your respect goes so low you don’t mind eating taco bell and calling it mexican, you couldn’t care less about us, about our country, about our traditions, all you care about is getting drunk. 

And you would think, “why do you care? why me eating fake Mexican food and getting unconsciously drunk on fake tequila margaritas and eating “guac and chips” is making any harm to anyone?” I’ll tell you how you harm others, you belittle us to a stereotype, you erase our culture in order to have it your way, to enjoy your “5 de drinko”. 

And tomorrow, 6 de mayo, like any other day you will cure your hangover at your favourite McDonalds and won’t look twice at the mexican immigrant who is gonna serve you your food and you just yelled at, because you don’t care. And you won’t raise your voice to help a woman who is being screamed at in a public place “speak english, we are in America” as you raised your voice to scream for tequila shots yesterday, because you don’t care. And you will keep voting for people that are passing bills to randomly check for the documents of people who looks “suspiciously illegal”, because you don’t care. 

And probably in one or 2 summers you will visit Cancun and get your ego bigger every 5 de mayo, “I’ve been to México, that’s how they do it there” while you drink another margarita, meanwhile millions of mexicans are struggling on your country daily, wether they are legal or illegal, wether they are lawyers or they are lawnmowers, you won’t see them and give them a hand, because you’ve never cared, because the disrespect of our traditions, food, clothes and appearance is just the first step of a bigger ladder, full of struggles, discrimination, hate, aggression, and fear, that mexicans have to go through every single day, and you never cared, and I’m afraid that with your poncho and your donkey piñata, you never will. 

Ayeeee what’s good 😏 It’s CincHOE🎉 de mayHOE😈😘 You know what that means⁉️❓ Time to sink this Mexican 🇲🇽dick into that dirty chihuahua pussy 😉🤑 Guzzle down those tequila🍾 (cum) shots 🤗💦👅 Put on your sombrero👒 and shake that fat ass🍑🍑 Make sure your salsa gets everywhere 🌯🌮💦Send this to 5 of your nasty cincHOES🎈 or else you’ll become MyHoE💍😏

Dear White people,


Dear non-Mexicans,

Okay so, tomorrow is May 5th or Cinco de Mayo, if you’re that type of person. 

And contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexico’s Independence day. That day is September 16th (celebrated on the 15th). So if you believe you are celebrating Mexico’s independence, then you are wrong.

Also, if you wear a sombrero and dress in “typical’ Mexican fashion, then you are being racist. And if you use this day as an excuse to get wasted on tequila then you’re just gross and have reduced a pretty significant day in Mexican history to a day where you eat tacos and get bombed on margaritas.

Also, Cinco de Mayo isn’t really celebrated nationwide in Mexico. It’s mostly celebrated in Puebla. Because Cinco de Mayo is also know as “La Batalla de Puebla” or “The Battle of Puebla” where the Mexican army won, despite the odds, against the French army during the French intervention in Mexico.

Now, I need you to remember that because it is important. To me, since Puebla is where my mother was born. To my people. And to my culture. 

Cinco de Mayo is not yours to celebrate. It is not your excuse to get drunk on what will be a Thursday.

Now, despite that being said, I don’t mind if you celebrate Cinco de Mayo so long as you know it’s significance and you don’t reduce the day to gross stereotypes.

Respect the culture and Mexicans will invite you over for a cook out and a good conversation. We are not what you see on tv. We are a diverse people who love our culture and don’t mind sharing as long as there is respect.

Respect Cinco de Mayo and Enjoy Cinco de Mayo.


How Mexican-Americans really feel about Cinco de Mayo

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has morphed from its anti-colonial origins. The holiday is widely seen as an occasion to knock back margaritas and tequila, one where tacos and sombreros abound. Sorority girls apply fake mustaches and faker accents. Mexican Americans are acutely aware of how these stereotypes can have lingering harmful effects.