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If Mexicans celebrated the 4th like Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo… 

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If Mexicans Celebrated The 4th Of July Like Americans Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
“Let’s put traditional ketchup on EVERYTHING!”

It’s pure comedy watching people celebrate holidays they know nothing about. This group of Mexicans have decided to flip the switch on some Americans by celebrating the 4th of July just like Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

The festivities include getting wasted, spitting out false facts about the Great Battle of Fourth of July, dressing up like a patriot and singing the U.S. National Anthem, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


Dear white women,
stop. Cinco de mayo is not your day to decide its meaning; it’s not “cinco de drinko” or whatever else you want to change it to in order to fit your justification of partying. You want a reason to party? Fine, let another day be an official celebration for gringos to get piss drunk so they feel important.

Also, please feel free to call out any of these people.. especially the one using the offensive term towards me.

I'm tired of this shit.

If some one who is non Mexican wants to celebrate cinco de mayo, it’s not a fucking problem. It’s just a holiday. It’s not cultural appropriation to celebrate it. It’s not cultural appropriation to go to a bar and have a Mexican theme drink to celebrate. Enjoy the day and have fun!! It’s a free country for God’s sake.
I’m tired that all these white people on tumblr get so offended when a non Mexican celebrates Cinco de Mayo.

On this day in 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French troops in the Battle of Puebla. Since France was ruled by Napoleon III at the time, Scamp is celebrating this day by symbolically (and deliciously) crushing a Napoleon.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!