“I know this is a weird setting to talk about anything serious but I want you to know that there’s a bunch of people in this field right now who are going through a bunch of crap with you. And I know that life sucks, but right now, here today, we’re gonna just let loose, because I promise you one thing. Twenty One Pilots, we’re gonna be back here in Cincinnati for the rest of our lives.” - Tyler Joseph (x)

                       Cincinnati stands with you, forever and now |-/

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| Ball Python | 1yr+ | Male | Cincinnati, OH |
Ball Pythons make wonderful pets! They’re known for being very mellow and non-aggressive snakes. They also don’t become too large. Three or four feet may sound like a lot but when it’s often curled up, it really isn’t as big as it sounds! They still do require a decent sized cage that’s at least 40 gallons. Ball Pythons, like many snakes, often do well in an enclosure with another snake. Unfortunately may people actually think snakes are completely solitary animals and don’t realize there are countless zoos, owners, and reptile stores that cage both babies and adults of the same species in the same enclosure with no bad effects. Just make sure you have the time to watch them closely to determine if both are okay with one another before leaving them alone.

Remember, you don’t get pets when you’re bored and then bring them back to animal prison because your life is tough, your boyfriend left you, you lost your job, you’re pregnant and are too lazy to care for your pets and kid, or because you have to move and don’t want to spend a few extra seconds looking for pet friendly places. PETS ARE FOR LIFE.

Spayed/Neutered: No
With kids: Older kids

Rescue: Arrowhead Reptile Rescue
How to adopt: Click the link at the bottom of this post and scroll below the image of Magnum. Click the purple “Contact This Organization” button. Be sure to include the ID # below in your message! Do NOT just use the animal’s name!
Extra: ID#: C150805058

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The signs as rad bands

Aries: Walk the Moon
Taurus: WTM
Gemini: That band from Ohio
Cancer: The SUAD band
Leo: That 80s band
Virgo: The equivalent of Stroll the Moon
Libra: The band that opened for P!ATD
Scorpio: Walk the Mood
Sagittarius: The band the Griswolds opened for
Capricorn: The four-piece from Cincinnati
Aquarius: The band with hella rad hair
Pisces: The band that sound kinda like Talking Heads