cincinnati events

Mark asked for ideas - so I posted this in his comments.

Maybe its a day. Instead of having just one event in Cincinnati, it was all over the world too. So, for instance, on the 1 October 2015, fans would gather in cities across the world and volunteer for causes which are close to them. It doesn’t have to be a whole bunch of people, maybe there is just one person, but they are making a difference to something which they believe is important. But they dont just go and be awesome they also vlog it. They vlog, or take pictures and send it to an email address. Those videos and pictures are then put together in a video to celebrate how Markipliers Heroes took one step to changing the world. (I know there would be thousands and thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of videos and pictures, but I think there could be a system in place to help sort it) ANYWAY - thats my input into it.

One day. Thousands of fans. Thousands of worthy causes being supported. Thousands giving back just a little bit. But you only need one rock to build a mountain. One piece of bread to build a sandwich. One - I'lll stop.

What do you think?

Oosh out
Thank you for existing