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How I Used a Waist Trainer to Change My Figure

I love movies that are set at the turn of the century. What can I say, I have an old soul. I love the stories, the sceneries, the costumes…oh the costumes!

The women are so elegant and fashionable and have you seen the size of their waists? I want a waist like that!

And apparently, so does half of the women in the world. Which is why corsets and waist trainers have recently come back into fashion. So, I decided to order one and give waist training a try.

This is like the one I bought:

Waist training is not a new thing

Women have done it for hundreds of years, but it was definitely a new thing to me. I wanted to make sure I did it safely and correctly, because I’m not looking to cause some permanent damage or disfigurement to my body. So, the first thing I did was research some of the best corset waist trainers and how to use them. In this tumblr I’m going to share what I found with you!

What is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer, (also known as girdle, waist cincher, etc) is a corset made out of tough and durable material with boning - or not- and lacing -or not!- that will temporarily and gradually decrease the size of your waist in order to help you achieve an hourglass figure.

How do You use a Corset Waist Trainer?

The main thing about these waist training corsets is that their use needs to be gradual.

You start off with only a few hours (or minutes, depending on your tolerance) a day and increase the time and tightness of the corset a little each day.

I started off wearing the corset with the laces out all the way and only wearing it for 2 hours a day.

Then every day, I started increasing the time I wore it by about 20 minutes and within a few weeks I started tightening the corset itself gradually.

You can exercise with the corset (which I didn’t do, because it hurt too much at first!!) or you can simply wear it for a few hours around the house or under your clothes when you go out.

Who Can Use a Waist Trainer or Waist Girdle?

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t wear any type of corset or girdle while you are still growing.

It can really affect your growth and negatively affect the development of your spine and organs.

So, if you are under 18, just wait a few years before trying it out! For those of you who are 18 and older, make sure that you are healthy and have no issues with your spine (such as scoliosis) or any other counter indication.

Waist Training: My Results!

I have been using a corset waist trainer for 4 months now. I have been really consistent and I wear it every single day for about 10 hours.

I have finally even started wearing the training corset while I work out.  I started off measuring 29 inches around my waist. Now, when I wear my waist trainer I measure at 25 inches! (which is why I love wearing it under my clothes!)

Once I take it off, I measure 27 inches around my waist! I have lost 2 inches in the past 4 months! 

Now, the thing about waist training is that consistency is key.

You need to wear the waist trainer every day for at least 5 to 6 hours a day. But remember, the longer you wear it, the faster you will see results.

Some waist training experts even suggest wearing the corset up to 18 hours a day or even sleeping in it! But honestly, I don’t know how safe that is so I won’t recommend that. Especially since I have gotten some amazing results by wearing mine just 10 hours a day max.

I definitely recommend that any woman looking to cinch in her waist and create an enviable hour glass figure use a waist trainer like this one:

As long as you’re healthy and educate yourself on how to use it, the results are fantastic!

Remember though, that waist training is a commitment. You need to dedicate a lot of time to it and be consistent.

Once you stop using your waist trainer, your hour glass figure will gradually go back to what it was before. So, it’s not a permanent transformation, but it’s a gradual adjustment that should be looked at as part of your regular self-care habits.

Because beauty can be hard, I’ll still be here grinding next time! xoxo

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