cincher belt


Dangerous Woman Collection

Natori Foundations Women’s Feathers Lace Underwire Bra with Chantelle Opera Lace Waist-Cincher Garter Belt and Saint Laurent Lace Choker and the Atsuko Kudo Candy Cup Bodysuit with Latex Gloves and Dangerous woman Lace Gloves

  • Personnal Mask But thre is a similar here by @candycanesugary
  • HQ Textures
  • Custom Thumbs
  • 3 Packages
  • 1 Color by Item
  • .zip File
  • Recolors: Allowed (Don’t Include The Mesh !!)
  • Tag Me If You Use IT
  • Don’t Re-UPLOAD


BTS as lingerie they like.
  • Jungkook: won’t admit to shit. likes lacy black lingerie. thongs or lace hipsters. stockings on long legs. elegant, sexy and timeless. plunge bras. the less of you that’s covered, the better. smiles at the bow above ur ass.
  • Jin: babydolls and camisoles in soft colors. prefers hipsters to thongs. loves the dress up, appreciates the shit out of your lingerie and buys you new, exciting ones. tells you that you look like a Disney princess in one. balconette bras.
  • Jimin: revealing teddies and babydolls, loves to switch up between your innocence and your sexiness. white babydolls and cutesy garters make him weak. teddies that are see-through in certain areas.
  • Hoseok: camisoles and silky boyshorts in a babyblue hue. not too much, not too little. doesn’t notice lingerie too much, the type to want you in your sports bra and simplistic thong after the gym.
  • Namjoon: waist cinchers, garters, garter belts, stockings, g-strings, see-through bras. red makes him weak. you wore a corset once and he stuttered. likes it extra, wants to imitate a movie.
  • Yoongi: babydolls on babydolls on babydolls. Constantly tries to convince you he doesn’t really care about lingerie, repeatedly can’t contain himself when he sees u in ur see-through baby pink babydoll with a silky ribbon bow in the front. loves when you look incredibly innocent. your ass in laced, white boyshorts gets him gruntin.
  • Taehyung: he lost it when he saw u in ur simplistic, black body with a thong bottom. see-through triangle bras and g-strings. not the biggest lace guy, prefers silk or mesh. velvet. burgundy. darker colors. lost it when he saw you in red too. the type of guy to get turned on by your ass in yoga pants and care less about what you’re wearing underneath, though.