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I think one of the most beautiful things about Otabek and Yuri is that their relationship is so comical in some aspects yet incredibly mature and deep in these aspects as well.

You’ll have Otabek supporting Yuri with his exhibition program but once you remove the humorous factor, you’ll see that his decision was an act of pure love. Otabek did not medal that year. The defeat must have been pretty crushing to a national hero who has chased after nothing but excellence. But even after all is done, Otabek still chooses to help Yuri with his skate, putting himself back into the environment where he had just recently failed to medal. That’s amazing sportsmanship and support. Additionally, the night Yuri asked for help was Otabek’s night off, which I assume would be pretty rare for world-class atheletes. Otabek, instead, chose to spend the night helping Yuri instead of partying it out in the club. In all, Otabek chooses Yuri. He places Yuri’s request above his own personal comfort (as we see it), probably because Otabek’s own happiness has become intricately intertwined with Yuri’s. 

Otabek loves Yuri. This is self-sacrificing, agape love. 

“La Leggenda del Filo Rosso è una credenza orientale che ha origine in un’antica storia cinese, che poi si è diffusa anche in Giappone.
Secondo la tradizione, ogni persona porta, sin dalla nascita, un filo rosso legato al mignolo della mano sinistra che lo lega in modo indissolubile alla propria anima gemella.
Il filo ha come caratteristica quello di essere lunghissimo, indistruttibile e invisibile e serve a tenere unite due persone destinate prima o poi ad incontrarsi e a stare insieme per sempre.
Può succedere che per la sua lunghezza, il filo possa aggrovigliarsi e quindi creare non poche difficoltà ai due innamorati, prima che possano ricongiungersi l’uno all’altra.
Ma è certo che, qualsiasi sia l’ostacolo, saranno sempre uniti e legati nel cuore e nell’anima.”

Üslubumdan rahatsız olan varsa,

Bu onun sorunudur.
Ben abiyim, En abi benim,
Ben hiç,kardeşiyle kibar konuşan bi abi görmedim, konuşan varsa, bu da onun sorunudur. Kimseye kendimi beğendirmeye çalışmıyorum, kimseye ölmüyorum kimse de bana bayılmasın, yani diyeceğim o ki benlik bi sorun yok, ortada bi sorun varsa sorun çıkartandadır. Candy halinde manyağın biriyim. Sorunlu şeyler.

Listen up guys

With the reveal of Pauline in Super Mario Odyssey, and a remake of Superstar Saga, this may be our chance to show Nintendo what we want from the franchise.

If both games sell well (and I’m sure they will!) Nintendo might consider putting characters like Pauline, Prince Peasley, Queen Bean, Popple, and many other obscure characters from the games, into Mario Kart/Party! We just have to let Nintendo know that we really want this. Let’s get these characters some love!