cimorelli quotes

Everything will be okay,
Everything will be alright,
Say a prayer, close your eyes,
Please just give it one more night.
—  @cimorelliband (One more night)

I’m taking this with me for all my years.

- Advice From a Senior of the 2015 Class.
Introducing The CIMFAM Language
  • Normal People: He's so cute!
  • CimFam: He's so MANLY!!
  • Normal People: That's so awesome!
  • CimFam: That's so AWECIM!
  • Normal People: No! She's too young!
  • CimFam: Are you kidding me?! She just got out of diapers!
  • Normal People: Whatever!
  • CimFam: Whatevs Chevs
  • Normal People: LOL!
  • Normal People: That's so awkward!
  • CimFam: Oooh Awk.../ Awko Taco with Extra Guaco!
  • Normal People: Heck yeah!
  • CimFam: YEAH BUDDY!!!
  • Normal People: So Cool!
  • CimFam: Dope Biskitz!
  • Normal People: Can you wish me good luck?
  • CimFam: Can you wish me Good Religion?
  • Normal People: U Jelly Bro?
  • CimFam: Jealous Much, Pamela?
  • Normal People: Maybe.. ;D
  • CimFam: Mabes/ Mabes Babes ;D
  • Normal People: Bye Sweetie
  • CimFam: Aww!! See you soon Honeybun!!!
  • Normal People: I'm so confused!
  • CimFam: I'm so CIMFUSED!
  • Normal People: Go away!
  • CimFam: Go choke on a bagel
  • Normal Peope: "fangirling"/ shocked
  • CimFam: I'm choking on my beard!
  • Normal people: That's amazing!
  • CimFam: That's totes AMACIM!
  • Normal People: That's freakin' cool!
  • CimFam: That's Feaskin' cool!
  • Normal People: No! You can't date me!
  • CimFam: Sure! You just have to apply to be our carrot/foot massager/back shaver... Then, you're on your own!
  • Normal People: I'm so addicted to this!
  • CimFam: I'm so CIMDICTED!!!
  • Normal People: Ahh!! I'm so hungry!!
  • CimFam: Oh no!!! I'm Gettin' the HUNGS!!!
  • Normal People: Oh look!! It's Lisa Cimorelli!
  • CimFam: Look!!! It's the rabid HOBO!!!! Where's the moose?!
  • Normal People: It's Dani Cimorelli!
  • CimFam: It's MAMA MOOSE!!!
  • Normal People: Hi Christina Cimorelli!
  • CimFam: Oh!!! The ALPHA FEMALE is here!!!
  • Normal People: Scoot over! I need to use the computer!
  • CimFam: Scootashe FATSY! :P
  • Normal People: Thank You
  • CimFam: T Wizzle!
  • Normal People: No Problem
  • CimFam: N Pizzle!
  • Normal People: YOLO!
  • CimFam: YODO! So make it Painful!