anonymous asked:

If you would want someone to draw you fanart of a character, which character would it be and can you please provide a reference for that character?

hmmm well i think you meaning of my own characters, at the moment i’ll just post one (i really want to post the others), normally i like villains


.Darth Vader

-Megatron(transformers prime)

- The Beast (over the garden wall)

-billcipher(gravity falls)

and  random characters

-Uncorrupted Nightmare (jokublog)

-purple guy (five nights at freddy)

-Papyrus (undertale)

-Spencer Reid (cimminal minds)

-Luna (mlp)

-slenderman and proxy (creepypasta)

and a loooooooooooooong list of others QuQ in fact, i love any kind of animals exept cockroaches