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Lotus+ Jules, Jesse+ school, Vivie+ favorite spells, Vivie+ Cillian

Lotus+ Jules

(idk Jules that well so this is what I gathered from snooping through his tag)

  • They’re frenemies. Mostly because they’re both competitive to the point where it’s no longer healthy competition and they just want to destroy each other in everything.
  • She really appreciates how hard-working he is though. 
  • They kind of shift through stages of wanting to beat the other one at everything and being chill enough to hang around each other calmly.
  • Lotus teaches Jules a bunch of vegetarian/vegan recipes she’s learned over the years and they make them together when they aren’t being ridiculously competitive.
  • Jules appreciates that Lotus has never once acted like he can’t do something because of his arm. 
  • Sarcasm and silly puns

Jesse+ school

He hates school. With a passion. Because his dyslexia is really bad, even by demigod standards, and he’s a really slow learner, school really isn’t his forte. He struggles to get Cs and usually ends up with Ds. In high school, he cuts class a lot to cover other people’s shifts at work or because he’s not ready for the test that day. 

Vivie+ favorite spells

She likes spells that are pretty and a lot of the spells from Charms class. But honestly her favorite is probably the patronus charm. It’s really beautiful and unique, in her opinion. She also loves that it results from happiness and good memories. 

Vivie+ Cillian

  • They get into really deep conversations about the meaning of life and the universe
  • He’s received like two dozen friendship bracelets from her over the years. He’s lost a few of them but she doesn’t care
  • super gay best friends that are super comfortable with each other
  • seriously they hold hands and cuddle a lot and it’s nbd
  • when she finds out about his eating disorder, she cries for hours (not when he’s around she doesn’t want to make things worse for him)
  • they compliment each other 24/7
  • probably say “you’re so gay” to each other like four times a day
  • they have their deepest conversations when vivie’s high and cillian’s drunk 
  • they also have their dumbest conversations at those moments
Urinetown the Musical

Director - Chris Williams
Stage Manager - Quinn Philips

Bobby Strong - Dash Knight
Hope Cladwell - Addy Streb
Penelope Pennywise - Brianna Moore
Caldwell B. Cladwell - Ashley Rivers
Little Sally - Maggie Herveaux
Officer Lockstock - Orion Mors
Officer Barrel - Danny Noble
Senator Flipp - Tony Crescenthold
Mr. McQueen - Perrin Beaumont
Old Man Strong/ Hot Blades Harry - Nikos Karahalios
Old Woman/Josephine Strong - Marcie Bouchard
Little Becky Two Shoes/Mrs. Millenium - Lotus Itami
Tiny Tom/Dr. Billeaux - March Porter
Robbie the Stockfish/Business Man #1 - Garrett White
Billy Boy Bill/ Business Man #2 - Cillian Keeler


  • Ashley was over the moon about finally being cast as a villain. When he found out he had to shave part of his head to look balding for the part, he wasn’t even upset. However, Gwen was rather irritated to come home one day to find her husband suddenly sans hair. She laughed about it later but at first she was pretty cross.
  • Marcie was kinda frustrated in the part she was cast. She thought she was a sure-shoot for Hope or even Ms. Pennywise. The fact she got practically a chorus role irked her. She got over it, but it happened.
  • Nikos and Lotus, while not getting along the best off-stage, had such a great stage presence that their applause was almost as loud as Officer Lockstock’s.
  • Danny was so frustrated for so long while working with Orion. He kept trying to flirt with him but Orion, the oblivious idiot, had no idea. He just kept laughing, thinking it was another joke (he came into the process knowing that Danny had a reputation as a joker). Danny figured out about halfway through the rehearsal process that Orion was dating Phaedra. He then turned his attention to Perrin, with whom he had much better luck.
  • Dash almost wasn’t cast at all. Chris was worried that he would be hard to direct and keep focused after hearing bad things from Edgar, who had worked with Dash on another project. However, as Roman was not an ASM for this project, Chris decided to take a chance.
  • Ashley and Brianna shared many a laugh about how short their “daughter” (Hope/Addy) is. Addy blushed furiously at the beginning of the rehearsal period but after time she became comfortable enough to throw jibes back. Ashley would always laugh uproariously at them and Brianna would flash a quick smile.
  • The amount for clean dirt they used for this show was ridiculous. Willa told Bea at one point that they had bought at least twenty 8 oz. containers to make all the Poor Chorus’s clothes.
  • The time period for the show was about 20s with hints of modern. It was a very timeless look that went over well with the audience.
  • Willa had to build Ashley’s suit from scratch. They considered buying it and tailoring but that was decided to be too expensive.
  • Rene’s set design had an old London feel. It went well with the timelessness of the costumes.
  • Trent did the light design; he gave the poorer parts a more purple-ish feel and gave the rich a bluer, whiter light.

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Platonic Vivie and Cillian!

  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching - Cillian because Vivie would probably only watch like three tv shows.
  • who snores - Vivie 
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off - PUH-LEASE they both do. Both carefully picked and changed frequently. It’s always a surprise and it’s always hilarious.
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance - Vivie
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other - Vivie. And it’s nonsense and sounds awful and Cillian is like “MERLIN’S FUCKING BEARD VIVIE SHUT UP”
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal - Vivie she’s so scatterbrained sometimes
Stuff about Cillian

- He is from Leeds, Yorkshire, disregarding whatever I have said about him before. His accent is so strong and so Yorkshire

-He is muggle born. His parents are divorced, and he goes back and forth during the summer. He likes being at him mother’s better.

- He will often brush insults off but in truth he really really takes them to heart more than he ever does compliments

- He struggles with anorexia. I’ve made a post or two about it before but I will be elaborating some more soon.

- Often feels like he is not smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, even though the sorting hat put him there in about two seconds flat.

- He’s actually super good at the riddles you have to answer to get into the common room

- Books. He owns so many.

- Hates everything about the winter. His favorite season is spring.

- He cares a LOT about his appearance. He takes forever to get ready, which is a struggle because he is also the worst morning person ever. Also he is not opposed to wearing a lil makeup if he feels like it.

- He loves to write, because he loves to tell stories, but he’s a bit secretive about it. He carries a little leather notebook with him everywhere to scribble ideas in. He’s never let anyone see it.

- L O V E S A T T E N T I O N

- His best classes are charms and muggle studies.

- probably drinks a little too much tbh

Two new OC's

Two possible OC’s are on the way.

A wizard named Cillian Keeler; a reckless, over dramatic, flamboyantly gay sixth year boy from the Gryffindor house. 

A newly turned werewolf named Kieran Rosetti, who is the most shy, awkward girl on the planet, nearly rivaling Robbie. For TMI, obviously. 

Expect stuff on them soon!