m-iraffe  asked:

I really want to ask about Cilit Bang but I feel like I have no rights to bc I threw my soul out after eating Pantenes bubbles bc I really wanted to know what it tastes like xD it happened like 3 months ago 😂😂😂 there is nothing i havent tried to eat or drink yet....except for cilit bang haha

I literally had to google  Pantenes bubbles because I have never heard of it before omg why dafq would you eat that omg 😂 😂 😂 😂

I DIDNT DRINK OR EAT IT, I HAD USED TOO MUCH OF IT WHILE CLEANING MY BEDROOM SO I LITERALLY INHALED IT. It was terrible I remember I was walking around complaining that my hands smelled of it and then in the middle of the night I threw up… I literally couldn’t eat anything for a whole week and now I’m very sensitive to the smell of cleaning products… Especially something that is similar to the smell  😂

Most, hogy Hajdú Péter és Sarka Kata után

Angelina Jolie és Brad Pitt is válik, annyi a kérésem, hogy Tónit és Cilit tartsa meg nekünk az Úr. Szenvedtünk már így is eleget. Újabb csapást nem bírnánk ki.