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How old do you think Burgh is? Or is there an official age I haven't heard of?

Well honestly I have no idea, there is no official source. But we do know that Chili, Cilan and Cress are teenagers from official source so I guess we can work off that. I think Burgh only looks a little older than them so maybe he’s somewhere in his 20s? That’s my interpretation anyway, as pokemon has been known to design their characters so that they’re open to so much interperation about age and such

i believe i have successfully created the worst pokemon oc in existence ok here we go

name: trixie griffith
age: 13
birthday: march 3rd, 2003
height: 5′3″
weight: 113 pounds
eye color: she has heterochromic eyes; one eye is red, and the other blue, but sometimes it turns green.
hair color: it’s tri-colored: the left side is red, the right is blue, and it’s green down the middle. it’s also super long; it comes all the way down to her waist. people think her hair is dyed, but no, it’s all natural.
skin color: porcelain; she has a tiny birthmark resembling a victini head on her chest.
family: she’s the baby sister of cilan, cress, and chili
friends: trixie has a lot of trouble making friends, actually, which is why she’s super close with her bigger brothers; she considers her victini her closest friend and companion though. she later ends up becoming close with iris, who thinks of her as a sister.
love interest: trip, but both paul and gary end up falling in love with her
fashion style: trixie has a very unique fashion sense; it’s hard to wear colors that don’t clash with her hair and eyes, so she almost always wears white (which earns her the nickname “angel” from chili). she likes to braid her hair so all the colors cross over evenly, bit she often wears it long, too. she paints her nails red, green, and blue.
pokemon team: victini (shiny); dugtrio; magneton; dodrio; exeggutor; hydreigon
trainer class: she’s a competitive trainer who participates in the leagues, but she’s also an a-class connoisseuse, the youngest there ever was; cilan is a little jealous of her, actually. she hasn’t won a league (yet) but she did defeat cynthia in a battle once; it wasn’t official though, so she didn’t become champion, but she and cynthia are really close now. trixie also had the option of becoming a frontier brain, as she defeated both battle frontiers on the first try, but she declined each time
bio: trixie is an exceptionally beautiful and talented trainer, but she is very humble and won’t admit she’s skilled. unlike her brothers, she is not a gym leader; she left on her journey when she was 10 years old with her victini, her first pokemon. she met victini when she was little playing in the striaton gardens, and he’s stuck with her ever since. actually, victini was sent to trixie by reshiram, zekrom, and kyurem to be a guardian because trixie has a great fate ahead of her as the chosen one, a fate she doesn’t know yet… but it might have something to do with her special ability to read the minds of and communicate with pokemon, an ability that has caused other people to label her as “weird” throughout her life, so trixie doesn’t often tell people about her gift.

[UPDATED 6/25/15 thank u for all your suggestions on how to make her more terrible]