Brock: What’s next? Ash becomes a Champion, and we all get on with our lives or search for something new. That’s always been the objective.

Cilan: I have this theory- don’t give me that look- I have this theory that we’re already Masters.

Lana: Pfft. Hey, did you hear that? Pfft. I’ve been trying to make that sound for-ever.

Tracey: I think Cilan’s right in a way. This has never been about “being the very best”. It’s about us. You, me…all of us. I think that’s why I’m here.

Lana: Little victories, Luke. Little victories.

Gary: I’m hoping for more massive, rambling diversions. Who wants closure? Let’s really stretch this sucker out.

Alain: Retirement? Of course. Eventually.

May: In the future, I’d like to see a world without contests. Ha! No. Joking.

Ash: Longer term…for me, I don’t really know. Not really thought about it. For everyone else-for my team-I’d settle for happily ever after. They deserve it.

Dawn: We haven’t even got started! Who knows what’s around the corner?

Luke: Group shot, everyone! Group shot! Everyone over here! Come on, chop chop! You too, Paul…I don’t care where everyone stands…so long as we’re all in it together.

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Hello!! Got any Cilan headcanons? Crush/relationship/NSFW(if your ok with that) thank you!!

If you looked at my rules you’d uderstand my rules about NSFW, but other than that, Enjoy my dear! ~Laz

Cilan Relationship Headcanons

- Cilan is going to make sure that his s/o doesn’t go hungry. He’ll only take them to best of the best restaurants and will only cook the best of the best foods.

- Now I know this almost completely goes against canon, but I imagine Cilan to be a smol and chubby bean. So at first he’d be super self-conscious around his crush/partner when it comes to eating and cooking. It’ll be especially worse if his crush/partner is smaller than him.

- He’ll eventually warm up to his crush/partner (after a lot of reassurance and comforting of course). Once he warms up his crush/partner better be ready to hear a lot of geeking out over food.

- Gives the best cuddles and hugs.

- Hates it when his s/o is feeling about their appearance because he himself understands what it’s like to despise what you see staring back in the mirror.

- Cilan will assist his s/o in their journey of finding self-love and perhaps try to find himself along the way.

- Cilan and his spouses relationship is completely the opposite of the traditional marriage. Instead of the “"wife”“ (meaning more feminine presenting/feminine-aligned/feminine acting) being the one who stays at home and does the cooking/cleaning, it’s Cilan. Even if Cilan is the more feminine one in the relationship it still would be the opposite of the traditional marriage, especially since men “aren’t suppose” to be feminine.

- This also means that despite personality, he will also be the more submissive one in the relationship, but he will still act more dominant if his partner wants him to during their private time.

The Fire That Keeps On Burning: Part 2

Ship: Eventual pokeshipping (some instances of Handyman, Contest, Wishful, Luck, onesided Amour and every Dawn ship ever)

**This particular chapter contains Wishful and Amour**

Summary: “I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff.“ - Kylie Jenner. After having achieved everything he thought he ever wanted, Ash spends a year-long journey revisiting his past. This forces him to rethink things. For the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon anime.

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