i’ve always been a big fan of cartoons that entertain adults with wit as well as children with slapstick. Pixar and Universal are incredibly good at this and Looney Toons has been doing it forever. i recently came across a modern cartoon called Phineas and Ferb that i also think is pretty well done.

so when it comes to reading books to my son i was hoping to find an equivalent and i believe i finally have. the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems is written with my husband’s and my sense of humor in mind. the stories are nice and short and there’s a great message to each one but the delivery is what really gets me. i feel like we should read them as a stand-up duo.

i’ve already ordered a few of them but i’m pretty sure i’m just going to fill his bookcase with these so i don’t have to worry about him picking some dreadful book when he’s old enough to have favorites. i can’t imagine much worse than reading a book i strongly dislike over, and over, and over, and…

there’s nothing wrong with instilling a great sense of humor in your child early, and if there is then i’m gonna be doing it all wrong. and that’s fine by me.


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