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What... magic... is this? It doesn't match to any known logic we seen/know, nor the brand... What could possibly be making it... and how? I haven't seen ANY tobacco plants, plus, I don't think they would be able to grow in Snowdin... haha, snow. But in the case OF magic, they don't seem to exhibit any special properties besides a normal cigerate. Except... the bones not turning yellow. I'm not sure at all how it works. Also, what could/would even light it? Do they carry lighters? And what brand?

This is where the weed comes from [???]

Just joking lol. I don’t really know. And yes, Sans carries a lighter with him.


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Smoking is bad!

I got a LOT of asks about Sans’ unhealthy habits, so here you go!

Indeed it is, no matter what kind of creature you are, please don’t fill your lungs [or magical body parts] with unhealthy additives.

This question can kinda be answered with this ask down here v v v

I DO think that everything that Sans eats, drinks and smokes is magic based. Like magical food, which just converts into energy without having to pass through your whole body, alcoholic beverages and tobacco would have the same way to be synthesized…. and they would add extra effects. You know.

As I said before, I do think that, in this case “magic cigs”, would add the usual smoking effects. Like stress-relief, among other things. Bad things included.

Some of the possible bad effects magic cigs could have! Maybe smoking would not change the color of your bones, since the effect of smoking isn’t really visible on the outside [unless you smoke TOO much and for too long], I’m pretty sure you’d have your bones weakened!

And the increasing stress due to lack of cigs is a given. Addiction is bad.

It could have other bad effects, but weakened bones and stress are the main ones! Any other suggestions?

I guess it does. I do believe sans is an airhead~

It IS tobacco, indeed!

We went from normal cigs to straight up drugs. Don’t do drugs, kids!! Sans doesn’t do drugs! [They’re too expensive and he has bills to pay].

They’re just regular cigs.

People asking the real questions here.

Sadly [or not so sadly], I don’t know anything about cigars, or drugs of any kind. But I doubt it’s a human brand! As I said, it’s a magical cig ;D

Whatever kind, anyway, it’s not healthy.

No, legos, Sans is smoking real tobacco xD

It COULD be homemade, but I doubt Sans is the kind of people that would get up and DO it, instead of just straight up buying it.