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The Cigar Stop Reviews Iron Horse

Name: Iron Horse

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro

Filler/Binder: Dominican Criollo and Olor

Shape/Size: Robusto, Toro, Churchill, Gordo

Strength: Medium

Box/Bundle: Box of 20

Flavored: No

Price: $3.99 - $4.99 per Single – $65.00 - $80.00 per Box

For the price I got these for and the reviews I had read (after I ordered them) I didn’t expect much more than a smoldering smelly gym sneaker, but what I got was a spicy, peppery from start to finish smoldering gym sneaker.

The cigars that came were a bit dry, so I had to humidor them for a few days before even sampling one. I will go on record that these cigars were not a waste of your money or time as I have read over and over again in the reviews, they are a waste of everyone’s time and money.

Yes they are a budget cigar, no doubt about that, and yes if they get dried out at all, l they become something of a flaming volcano of harsh flavors and a smell that word gag a maggot, however if you treat these with no less than 70/70 like all your cigars should be, they are almost tolerable (if you like spicy and peppery cigars). The flavor on these cigars wrapped around your taste buds like a tased octopus … and yes that is not a good thing.

Would I buy more Iron Horse? No, they were a little too rough for me, I did not like the construction, it was veiny, with some discolorations and it was a bit bumpy. The ash on this cigar was flaky, it blew and dropped everywhere and on everything. The cigar did not burn great, I had a few I had to re-light to correct the burn.

In my humble opinion there is nothing here that I would recommend, they are just too harsh for my pallet and will sit right next to the last couple of the RG Casino cigars I have in my back up humidor as well as be the next entry on the 2016 worst cigars I have smoked.

Iron Horse is described as a rich tasting cigar, I say that is stretching things a bit way too far! We are going to rate this a 1 out of 10 only because I like the logo and the box, on its own I would rate this a zero out of 10.

Leave this Horse in the barn!


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