cigarrette pack

a thought: andrew minyard does not only smoke for the distraction of smell but also because of anxiety-induced oral fixation

let me be perfectly clear, andrew knows when to stoke himself into apathy and, therefore, is capable of calming himself from an anxious bout. but as a person who unconciously bites their lips, this could pose as a theory.

neil first notices it when they’re out. andrew is chewing a stick of gum, and spits it out into an old parking ticket from Eden’s. When they’re in, neil notices again, how andrew’s chewing something. during evening practices, andrew can be seen at the bleachers with a lollipop and kevin’s phone. when benched at a game, andrew watches with bored eyes and his mouthpiece being chewed to dear bits. when andrew helps him with his questions during exam, he’s got a pen cap stuck between his teeth while he checks neil’s papers for wrong answers.

neil eventually catches onto moments he know would start this behavior. God forbid andrew starts indulging this fixation when he doesn’t have anything to latch onto and eventually skin his lip or chew his nails off

andrew doesn’t catch on too quickly, but he does notice when neil brings along mint gum or more packs of cigarrettes or asks for more kisses. he really doesn’t mind

Stay away from them
After a long time I’m posting you something which isn’t dirty stuff, enjoy

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you

Posted on Instagram: 10th of December, 2016


Y/N’s POV:

It was my third day in my new school. I was walking down the hallway with my tutor, Y/F/N who with I had felt connection almost right away when she first time showed in front of me on the first day

We sat on the bench and I looked around. Everyone looked so strange here. My former school had been so much smaller than this one and I was kind of scared would I ever learn where’s my class is

Also students looked different like before I had to pull on a school uniform but there everyone were able to wear their own clothes without worrying that they would get a detention

I scanned people around us but soon my gaze stopped on small group of boys who were all wearing black jackets. They looked so cool, I thought

“Y/N, those guys will lead you nothing but bad ways, stay away from them if you don’t wanna get in deep shit because of that” Y/F/N said when she noticed my gaze wondering over that boy gang over the lockers

“They do nothing but bad to people. They push people around, curse, bully weaker ones and act totally opposite way than you” she continued but I didn’t really listened her but continued staring over those guys and how one of them pulled a cigarrette pack out of his backpack and let others took ones there

I turned my head over Y/F/N and nodded back even I haven’t listened her att all during these few minutes. “There’s better people behind almost every corner of this school. Just trust me when I say that to you” she tapped my shoulder when we started walk to the class

We sat on our seats and I grabbed my books out of my backpack before we head how door flew open and boy with black t-shirt and jeans walked in. I recognized him one of those boys from that gang

“You shouldn’t even give a one gaze to them. They have big effect on people and if you once lost in their eyes you can’t ever get out of that jail” Y/F/N warned me but I thought that she was a bit too dramatic now

“You deserve better, Y/N. Don’t let that handsome core fool you, inside they’re like a hot lava” she mumbled before our teacher started the class. Yeah, she was totally getting over-dramatic now, I thought but decided keep my thoughts inside my head

We started do our writing task but my gaze wandered every other second over that boy which sat a few tables away from us his legs over the table and his hood over his head, eyes closed

“Justin, take your shoes off the table and get in work!” teacher yelled at him and he did, he just took it too exact. He took his shoes off and put his legs back to table smirking before he went back to that position where he was about minute ago

“Headmaster might not be happy if she see you again in her office, Justin” she warned but Justin just laughed back. “Oh actually she will, she loves it when I come visit her office” he grinned and collected his books. “I can go there right away”

I followed how he left the class and slammed the door close behind him. I haven’t ever seen some who had enjoyed going meet headmaster that happily. Like I was scared already of that if she comes ask something for me even I had done nothing bad

“They have an affair, they said” Y/F/N whispered for me like she would have read my thoughts. “When I once walked pass her office and Justin was there I.. trust me you don’t even wanna hear what I heard” she told and I raised my eyebrows. Wow

When the lunch time came we had it together with Y/F/N because I didn’t really have anyone else. I was really bad at making friends. She kept telling me about courses and what kind of teachers they had and how you should act on their class to get a good number

I just kept nodding and acting like I would have listened her but really there was just a one thing in my head: that Justin guy

I didn’t listened Y/F/N orders but moved over those boys right after she had left to her own class. I walked over them and asked politely: “Would there be one for me?” I pointed the cigarrette box which was on black-haired boy’s hand

They all turned around and looked me suprised but after few moments staring he handed me the box and I took one cigarrette there

I haven’t ever smoked or even kept that weird-looking roll on my hands but seemly if you wanted belong to new group you had to do as they do. One of the boys offered me a fire and I accepted it

I took a deep blow and I felt how dmoke burned me inside. It was hard not start cough but I had decided stay as calm as possible. I had to look confident. “So what’s your name, beautiful?” one of the boys asked and lighted up his cigarrette too

“Y/N” I mumbled and took another blow of that little white roll on my fingers. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. And welcome to Hell as known as School” third one of them started laugh on his own thing. Others joined on it too, and I felt myself a bit outsider

After few minutes laughing they calmed down and threw their stubs in the trash can. One by one they straight out their hands for hand shake and introduced themselves: Charles, Austin, Rory and Jace

There was still one hand shaking left. “Hey! You might know my name already but let me remind you, sweetheart, it’s Justin” he said and smirked. “It’s nice to meet you, guys” I told smiling and they chuckled again. Was there something wrong with me, I thought

“Sooo.. you must be new here, right?” Justin asked finally and I nodded shyly back. His voice was low and a bit raspy. It was that last thing maybe because he smoked. “Cool and you haven’t probably heard rumors” he chuckled

“What rumors?” I asked and boy named Jace looked other boys. “Those that no one should hang out with us because we’re bad role models to other students” he spoke out mocking like he would have been our history teacher, Mr. … I didn’t remember the name

I just chuckled and shook my head. “Oh and why they think like that? I think that you look and sound pretty cool guys actually” They laughted back. “Yeah, we’re cool actually. Finally someone noticed that” Austin told before the bell rang

“See you, guys” I waved to them but I noticed that they weren’t leaving to their classes. “Don’t you have classes now?” I asked. “Yeah but Mrs. Jordan’s classes are way too boring to handle so I decided just skip it” Rory sighed and lighted up a new cigarrette. “And Mr. Morrison..” “and Mr. Welsh” Justin and Jace said almost in same time

I looked them few moments and heard how Justin was talking about a car drive to somewhere. His gaze turned suddenly over me and he asked: “Would you like to come, Y/N? I heard that Ms. Flicks is sick today so I don’t believe that they won’t notice that you’re not there” he asked

Third POV:

After a couple seconds thinking Y/N nodded back and started walk behind the boys. Justin had just lied to her but Y/N didn’t know about that. She had just moved to dark side

Jace helped Y/N in the car and Justin jumped on the driver’s side. “Should we show Y/N some places down here or what do you think boys?” Justin grinned and looked her throught the mirror. “That would be really nice” she said quietly

They passed a shopping mall, a beach, other beach, a tennis court, few restaurants and for all of them they had some story to tell. “There we burned a one trash can.. there we shot a one bird..” Austin made a list all of their dones. Y/N wasn’t really interested on them

While that car drive she had noticed many times how Justin had paid attention on her, and when she had smiled over him he had turned his head away. He parked hus car back in front of the school building but they stayed still a little moment in the car

“Boys, I would like to tell one thing to Y/N so if you could..” he nodded them jump out and they did. Now there was just Y/N and Justin. “Sooo..” Y/N tried fill the quietness between them but felt soon how Justin pulled her closer and kissed her

He grinned and pulled away. “Was that what you wanted to tell me?“she raised her eyebrows suprised but Justin just grinned without saying anything. However his grin disappered soon when Rory ran over his car and told him to come out

"Mrs. Dickens wants to talk with you” he told and nodded over their headmaster. “Y/N, I gotta go but we can continue later if you want” Justin shared his last words with Y/N before he disappered with their headmaster somewhere

“He’s not coming back for a while, babe” Rory chuckled when Y/N stepped out of the car and slammed the door close. They started walk inside the school building and when Y/N stepped in she met Ms. Flicks’ angry looking gaze

“May I ask where have you been, Y/N?” she asked and those words made her nervous because she didn’t know what she should say. She should have listened Y/F/N earlier but thankfully Rory saved her in last minutes

“She was with me” he told and made Ms. Flicks raise her eyebrows. “I wouldn’t have believed on you, Y/N. I thought that you’re a diligent student but seemly I was wrong” she mumbled disbelieved

Yeah, me too, Y/N thought herself and smirked before she continued walking away with Rory

Y/N’s POV:

“So is that true that Justin and Mrs. Dickens have..” I asked shyly and he nodded quickly back “Yeah, you chose a really bad option as a boyfriend” he chuckled. It made me push him against his rib

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I hissed. “Don’t try! I saw how you guys kissed” he winked and I rolled my eyes. “It meant nothing” I mumbled. When we had walked over the lockers there was time for a new blaming speech. This time for Y/F/N

“Did I do all that work for nothing? Seriously, Y/N” she mumbled and walked away shooking her head. I looked after her without saying anything. “You can be part of our gang Y/N. We would actually need a one girl too since girl named Lacey walked away from us” Rory told

He didn’t have to ask that twice. I nodded: “I’d love to” He smiled and we heard how the door of headmaster’s office flew open and how someone pushed Justin out there with his pants on his knees

“C'mon, Theresa” he groaned and banged the soor before he noticed that he wasn’t the only one on that hallway. “Oh” he mumbled and pulled his pants up. I turned my head away because that wasn’t a thing which I would like to see

“I promised that Y/N can join to our gang since Lacey left” Rory told to Justin. “Nice but you need to be loyal then, Y/N. Everything we tell each others stay between us, okay?” he looked me. “Got it, you can trust me” I promised

I had made just a deal which would change my whole life but that was the best deal which I had ever made. Y/N Y/L/N was now something